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Where do we go from here?
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After a good – albeit deep – catch-up with Emmy, Louis was definitely ready for some food. However, as usual he had to wait for the seemingly never-ending stream of small first years to be sorted. This wasn’t all boring, as Louis quickly remembered that the Aladren Quidditch team had two players to replace. Having a reserve last year took the pressure off a little, but it was still important to get as many new players as possible. Extras could be trained up, as Amelia had been last year. The new Aladren crop consisted of three girls and a boy, but this imbalance didn’t bother the French boy, as he was used to the idea of girls playing Quidditch. One of them was Arne’s sister, who would hopefully follow in the footsteps of her Reinhardt predecessors and join the team. Another of the girls looked a little bit older than the others, which was intriguing.

Louis was feeling confident about the year ahead of him, and not just regarding Quidditch. Once again, he would be one of the oldest in his class – an annoyance in terms of potentially being held back by younger students, but it would also mean that he’d get to tackle harder material. He also had lots of plans for his orchestra, as well as generally being happy to be away from French society once more. The end of his summer had been very tense, and Louis couldn’t help but wonder how much longer he could continue to rebel before his father did something drastic.

The headmaster announced the head students, and Louis dutifully clapped. He turned to Emmy, ready to be the first to congratulate her on becoming prefect, and was already clapping again when it registered. The headmaster had called his name? Yes, he definitely had, and Louis sent an apologetic look at Emmy-Lou before standing up, half a beat after the other prefects. Feeling like there must have been some sort of mistake, he walked up to collect his badge. As he pinned it on to his shirt he couldn’t help a smile, and a feeling of pride – he’d been chosen as prefect! - which only made him feel even more guilty.

He’d been so sure Emmy would be the Aladren prefect. She made sense – Emmy actively went out of her way to help people, she’d started two clubs, she was Emmy-Lou. Why would they chose him over her? Louis Valois, the French boy, a troublemaker at home and not quite the model pureblood student at Sonora, even if he was in general well-behaved and enthusiastic about Quidditch and orchestra.

He only half-registered the potential that a concert would bring, then found himself vaguely singing along to the school song. Once that ended he turned straight to Emmy, and was trying to think of something to say when she started speaking. He frowned at her excuse, immediately seeing through it, but not wanting to out her in front of everyone else.

“I’ll come with you?” he offered, starting to get up too. He didn’t want her to be sad on her own, and suddenly the feast didn’t seem as tempting for him either.

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    Emmy-Lou tried her best to take on every new day with a bright smile. She was a happy person for the most part, but more than anything she liked to see happiness in the people around her. She was... more
    • Where do we go from here? — Louis Valois, Thu Mar 9 13:38
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