But it isn't polite to discuss such things, is it?
Sun Mar 12, 2017 20:17

Cecilia smiled again as Araceli Arbon – a safe choice, she thought, for her first conversation of the new year; they were practically family, after all – welcomed her back. “I am, thank you,” she said to the wishes for her health.

Cecilia did not think Araceli was quite as beautiful as her sister Effie, but they were both the sort of girl Cecilia had always secretly tried to model herself on, no matter how persistently Jay help up Francesca as a better role model. It was impossible to imagine one of the Arbon girls roughhousing in the snow with a bunch of brothers and a sister as tough as any of the brothers, or growing up to have five or six children and run them and a household with a firm hand. They were so…delicate and elegant-looking. Cecilia supposed she had an advantage over her sisters in that, Diana and Theresa both had much more striking looks than she did, but she still felt too tall and awkwardly put together and too much like a rough southern girl in general as she noticed Araceli look her over.

“And so glad to be back,” she continued. “It was so boring, being cooped up at home all the time, and Arnold wouldn’t even let me play with the baby for two months.” Arnold doted on his only child, so much that Cecilia had heard her mother and oldest sister speculating over whether or not Fae could even have more children – it had, after all, taken them years to have Penelope, and Penelope was nearly two now, and most men wouldn’t love a daughter that much if they thought they could have anything else. “I don’t suppose you can say it was horribly boring here last year, too, and that I didn’t miss much?” she asked, not at all seriously. Diana had talked so much about the international exhibition when she’d come home that Cecilia had wanted to throw something at her.

  • I know the feelingAraceli Arbon, Tue Mar 7 05:35
    Seventh year. It definitely didn’t feel like she should be a seventh year. That was, she supposed, hardly surprising, given that she had actually only spent a small fraction of her alloted time in... more
    • But it isn't polite to discuss such things, is it? — Cecilia, Sun Mar 12 20:17
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