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Headmaster Brockert
Not anymore
Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:40

Mortimer had been in his office working on preparations for the new year when he decided he needed a break. To stretch his legs. While he'd never been fond of exercise and thought sports were about as ridiculous-and as inane a topic-as one could get, he had to admit he was getting to be what a Muggle would consider old and what for a wizard was more accurately called middle age. It was probably a good idea to keep in shape.

Also, admittedly, he was slightly bored. The administrative tasks were the most...well, not fun exactly, nobody thought that about administrative tasks, but they were the parts that didn't force him to interact with people, therefore making them the best parts. Yet, there wasn't a lot for him to do at this point-it wasn't as if he had any intention of writing an actual speech- so Mortimer was basically sitting in his office, drinking scotch and making models of medieval torture devices and old fashioned execution methods such as the guillotine-some of which he had life size models of at home complete with descriptions of what each one did. He even kept an actual life size authentic choke pear in his office. The choke pear was a device that was inserted into the mouth-or other parts of-the victim and expanded by screws. The tips of each part of the device were spiked, causing ripping and cutting.

Not that he had any intention of actually using the pear on anyone. It was just a fascinating bit of history. Everyone had their interests. Some people made model brooms, he preferred model torture devices. Besides, even if Mortimer did feel the inclination to use it on a mouthy student, it wasn't really in his best interests do so. He liked being Headmaster and the power and importance that went with it. He also liked not being in prison.

Still, if any student other than Emerald-Emerald already knew about his interests-ever entered his office, the decor might at least scare them enough into knowing that they didn't want to come back. They didn't know he wouldn't use the pear.

Fortunately, most students at Sonora didn't see the inside of his office. Either they were an unusually peaceful and well-behaved bunch or the rest of the staff was exceedingly good at disciplining them before they got to a point where he had to deal with it. More likely the latter.

Or maybe they were scared of him and that's why they behaved. Mortimer would like that.

He strolled into the Cascade Hall. There were students there, but as usual he paid them little mind. At least that was until one uttered a word that he couldn't condone students using-or at least couldn't appear to condone them using even though he truly couldn't care less. However, perhaps he could have pretended not to hear had the boy not stumbled into him as well. This meant Mortimer could not ignore the situation. Drat.

The boy,whose name Mortimer didn't know of course,seemed to be less than pleased with John Umland,whose name he only knew because Mr. Umland was a prefect. He noted with some surprise that the younger boy happened to be a Teppenpaw. Mortimer would have thought that only a Pecari would be stupid bold enough to strike someone much older. "Boys! In my office! Now!"

It didn't really matter that the older boy hadn't done anything that Mortimer had seen. For all he knew, the younger one had been provoked. Still, he couldn't exactly condone violence either. He was just going to have to hear both sides of the story, whether he was really wanted to or not.

OOC-The description of a choke pear comes from The Book of Bizzarre Lists

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    • Not anymore — Headmaster Brockert, Tue Mar 14 11:40
      • Well, this got out of hand quickly.The Umlands, Tue Mar 14 15:01
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            • You are not.Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 6 12:27
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              • We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.Joe and John, Sat May 6 13:57
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