Lily "Ellie" Spencer
As long as it's by durable coloured balloons.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 14:00

As Lily spoke of her English mates, she saw Jozua's facial expression drop. She could imagine the jealousy one would feel hearing their best friend talk about other friends they liked quite a lot. If Jozua started trying to replace Finn with her she knew she would be unhappy - not that she was replacing Jozua at all. She hoped he knew that. Luckily, her tirade distracted her from reassuring him of his spot as her very best friend for life and it was soon forgotten.

Their agreement that dating was totally pointless made Lily a little happy. She liked being agreed with, and Jozua always had a knack for encouraging her though she hardly took a breath whilst talking sometimes and never wanted to grow up and do 'adult things'. Most pure-bloods their age kept an eye on the past and the future, but Lily didn't care to bother.

She loved hearing about the annual wizarding duel tournaments Jozua went to with his father. It must be nice, having a dad who would take his son to these sorts of events. Her own dad was away on long business trips, and he would take Adam and Jack out to play sports or watch Quidditch matches, but she'd never been old enough to attend with them. Now that she was old enough, her dad was too busy with his work at the hospital, but she knew she was still his favourite. Maybe after Adam. She imagined Jozua receiving loads more attention than she could even imagine, since he was the only child, and she wondered what that might feel like. Did he ever get overwhelmed or irritated by the attention?

Lily was a very engaged listener as Jozua relayed the details of the tournament. She nodded and gasped at all the right bits and stared at him with her brown eyes, the images dancing across her brain. She imagined it to be grand and brilliant with spells flying here and there and near-fatalities (that she conjured up) making the audience gasp, enraptured.

Her eyes grew wide. "Really? I'll ask my parents, but they'll have to let me go! I wouldn't miss it for anything!" Even if she had to whine and pout and throw tantrums to get her way, she would do so for the sake of these tournaments. It was right after the holidays as well, so they couldn't make a fuss about it.

"That sounds like a fantastic time," she said, eyes glittering with excitement. From Jozua's account, she felt like she'd been to a tournament already. "I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. I can't wait for the duelling tournament next year!" She had finished her mash and was back to consuming chicken wings because they were just so tasty. "We get to sign up for elective courses this year," she commented. "Are you going to sign up for any?"

  • Someday I'll fly my house to South America for youJozua "Carl Fredricksen" Sparks, Wed Mar 8 14:51
    Jozua wasn't sure what he'd been expecting from his declaration of undying love - okay, maybe if he had phrased it that way, Lily may have reacted differently, but his natural penchant to not... more
    • As long as it's by durable coloured balloons. — Lily "Ellie" Spencer, Tue Mar 14 14:00
      • Of course. Nothing less for you.Jozua, Tue Mar 14 19:35
        "Good," Jozua said, glad and relieved that Lily though she could visit for the New Years Dueling Tournament. Since dad had made the offer, he had alternated between being certain that she wouldn't... more
        • Glad we're on the same page.Lily, Wed Mar 15 06:44
          The thought of adding additional courses to her timetable made her cringe, but being friends with Muggles with no previous experience was difficult. She was a quick learner in context - she didn't... more
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