Connor Priory
Why not an apple?
Tue Mar 14, 2017 19:22

So here he was, Sonora. Connor knew he shouldn't be impressed by the Cascade Hall as he should have been used to huge displays of magic but he was. His home was large but not especially opulent as his parents preferred to be a bit more down to earth.

Thinking about his parents made him worry. His mother had a bad back and was usually lying down and on pain potions whether she liked it or not while his father had anxiety issues. Connor was used to being responsible and helping out with his sisters Sophia and Lydia as well as his cousin Bridget, whose dad was his mom's first cousin. Bridget's parents also had issues so she was often at Connor's house whether or not that was the best place to put her. Grandma and Grandpa's probably would have been better both because they were perfectly healthy and because they actually lived in the same state as Bridget's parents did. Still, Connor liked having Bridget around and she was the same age as Sophia anyway so it gave his sister a girl her own age to play with on a regular basis.

Anyway, it was going to be odd not looking out for anyone but himself. As one of the youngest students, he was going to be seen as needing help, not as a source for it. He wasn't going to be the big brother here. At least, not for now.

Connor stood with the rest of the first years and waited for the goblet to reach him. Once it did, he took a substantial drink, not so much that there wouldn't be enough for everyone who was left, but enough for it to work. For a brief moment, he wondered what happened if the last person in line didn't drink all of what was left. Did they throw the potion out? Saving it for next term would be quite disgusting. He figured potions had shelf lives just like food and a potion left too long would either lose at least some of it's potency or turn toxic.

Or what if someone drank too much of it? Would it have ill effects or just make the color last longer? Or what if they ran out in the middle of Sorting and had to go get more? Was there more already made, which could fall into the issues of less potent or potentially toxic depending on how old it was or would someone-probably the Potions professor-go make more while they waited? It wouldn't do for someone to drink a less potent Sorting potion, they might end up in a house that was totally wrong for them. And that would be a disaster. What if it made a quiet timid person go into Pecari or a mean person go into Teppenpaw? While the latter didn't invoke much sympathy in Connor, he knew that being placed in the correct house was an essential component of thriving at Sonora. And everyone should get to thrive.

There was little time to contemplate this much further at the moment however as he turned a brilliant red. Crotalus. It was his uncle Adam's house, but did it suit him? He ran through a list of Crotalus traits. He supposed he was cautious to a degree and a planner. Definitely sensible and down to earth. Was he respectable? His last name suggested so but did that make his behavior as such? Of course, it did say thinks oneself was a respectable member of society, not that one actually was . As for rule driven,maybe. Connor wasn't the bossy no fun sort, but he didn't really care to break a rule when the consequence of doing so was too great. Which he supposed was more accurately considered cautious.

As he sat down at the table across from another red-faced first year, he recognized another student. His cousin Arianna. Connor had rather forgotten she was in Crotalus as well. They hadn't spent much time together but despite trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, he'd noted that Arianna was a bit on the bossy, snobby and controlling side, absolutely considering herself a respectable member of a society. Perhaps not so down-to-earth.

He didn't believe they were that much alike. Though Connor wasn't sure he was much like his uncle either. He held a more positive of view of humanity, for one thing. But then, misanthropy wasn't exactly listed as a house trait. And Arianna and Uncle Adam certainly weren't much alike at all.

As Connor scanned the table looking for cheese curds-they were apparently a regional thing, something that he'd never known until recieving a blank look from Ivy, a distant cousin of his that he'd met on the wagon, upon mentioning them before she went on to reply that they served regional...cuisine at Sonora, which as far as Connor was concerned was only fair given they served international fare-the girl across from him spoke, introducing herself as Cleo. He replied "I'm Connor Priory, of the Wisconsin Priorys. Nice to meet you." The new Crotalus gave her a big friendly smile.

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    • Why not an apple? — Connor Priory, Tue Mar 14 19:22
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