Of course. Nothing less for you.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 19:35

"Good," Jozua said, glad and relieved that Lily though she could visit for the New Years Dueling Tournament. Since dad had made the offer, he had alternated between being certain that she wouldn't let anything get between herself and a dueling tournament and fretting that unsanctioned international travel might very well be that one thing that could keep her away. But if she thought her parents would probably allow her to come, it was all good. Just four months to go and counting down.

He was a bit surprised at her next question, academics not really being of Lily's strongest values, but he supposed it was a question all of the third years must have considered a least a little over the summer, and it would be good to know which of the new courses on offer to Intermediates he'd be sharing with his best friends, so in retrospect it really wasn't all that surprising after all.

"Just Astronomy, I think," he answered. "I don't have much need for Muggle Studies," this was arguably false, as he was a pureblood wizard with basically no idea at all about what muggles did without magic, and therefore was pretty much exactly the target audience for the subject, but that information was unlikely to ever be needed in his purely magical existence, so he didn't much see the point. "And Mom has no respect for divination so I don't want to have her frowning at me if I try to take it. What about you? Are you taking any of them?"

  • As long as it's by durable coloured balloons.Lily "Ellie" Spencer, Tue Mar 14 14:00
    As Lily spoke of her English mates, she saw Jozua's facial expression drop. She could imagine the jealousy one would feel hearing their best friend talk about other friends they liked quite a lot. If ... more
    • Of course. Nothing less for you. — Jozua, Tue Mar 14 19:35
      • Glad we're on the same page.Lily, Wed Mar 15 06:44
        The thought of adding additional courses to her timetable made her cringe, but being friends with Muggles with no previous experience was difficult. She was a quick learner in context - she didn't... more
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