Cleo James
You say apple, I say tomato
Wed Mar 15, 2017 07:14

“Oh, cool. I'm from Colorado,” Cleo smiled. She had enough knowledge of the magical world to know that being from somewhere and being of somewhere were not the same thing but well… Connor had told her where he was from of - where he lived, so it seemed only fair that he knew the same about her. Being from Colorado, she was well aware of the Brockerts but only in the way that someone is aware of a rare species that lives in one’s area. She had heard a lot about them but had never actually seen one for real. She had hoped to meet one when she was younger but her daddy had explained that he doubted Brockerts would be found in their small town, and certainly not stopping in to buy groceries. This had been fairly disappointing to her, and she still held a particular curiosity about them There were, apparently, a lot of them at this school, though she wasn't entirely sure which ones were her Brockerts, as she tended to think of the Colorado branch (a notion which would probably have shocked and displeased them. She also knew enough to know that such people might not be particularly nice or welcoming to her. At least, theoretically she knew it but she found it hard to believe it because she had such little experience of being rejected - unless you counted her mother, but she had always been given the softer, more euphemistic version; that her mother couldn't take care of her. It stung her at times that there hadn't been some overwhelming maternal love that could conquer all obstacles but she had broadly accepted that Something (whatever it was) had been bigger, and everything that she needed in her daddy. Had she known there was a much larger element of personal choice in her mother's abandonment of her, she might have felt differently. But what she currently did not know was indeed not hurting her. Niggling at her, perhaps. Piquing her curiosity from time to time, certainly. But outright upsetting her with feelings of rejection, not so much.

“I live with my daddy and we run a shop,” she added unguardedly. Whilst she didn't go as far as spelling out that she was a motherless mongrel of who knew what origin, she wasn't tiptoeing round it or avoiding the subject with Connor. There was a little bit of naivety, born of her mostly meeting nice people who wanted to be her friend, but Connor was also giving her such a warm and welcoming smile that she didn't think he could be a mean person. And besides, in spite of their very different backgrounds, they had to have something in common - after all, they were both in Crotalus.

“So, why do you think you ended up in this house?” she asked.

  • Why not an apple?Connor Priory, Tue Mar 14 19:22
    So here he was, Sonora. Connor knew he shouldn't be impressed by the Cascade Hall as he should have been used to huge displays of magic but he was. His home was large but not especially opulent as... more
    • You say apple, I say tomato — Cleo James, Wed Mar 15 07:14
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