Thu Mar 16, 2017 19:02

Ivy smiled back. "Nice to meet you, Eden." So the other girl wasn't as excited and she sort of wondered why. Maybe Eden had wanted a different house or was homesick, the latter of which Ivy could certainly understand, as she missed her parents, Lavendar and especially Vlad already. She was trying to be as positive as possible though. Or maybe Eden was Muggleborn and was scared, in which case Ivy would have to do her best to make her feel at ease. Or it could just be that she wasn't all that excitable. Ivy didn't know if she would consider herself as such either so much but she didn't want to put people off by being a downer. Perhaps she was overcompensating.

Anyway, she didn't want to pry so she didn't pursue that line of conversation. It seemed like it would be a rather awkward one.

She was saved from having to find another one when her other roommate spoke up."Pleasure to meet you, Miss Leiffson." She responded automatically as was ingrained into her. "You can call me Ivy." She added both so Alex would know she had permission and so Eden wouldn't feel...weird or something. Eden hadn't introduced herself that way, so she was likely not accustomed to doing such. Still, Ivy had to or risk offending people or giving them the wrong idea even if she had no intentions of being anything less that kind to everyone. There were people, people like her cousin Kelsey, who would write her off if she didn't introduce herself the right way, though to such people, her last name would be readily recognizable. At the very least, she was noticeably related to both the Head Girl and the Headmaster. Still, Ivy didn't want to get a reputation for bad manners.

The Teppenpaw felt bad though when Alex mentioned something was bothering her. "It's no problem."She reassured the other girl. She had been focused on Eden at that point anyway. "Are you all right?" Ivy asked, concerned. If she could help Alex feel better she certainly wanted to do so.

  • Joining in.Alex Leifsson (and a bit of Madison), Tue Mar 7 21:28
    “What House do you think you’ll be in?” Madison whispered to Alex. She had read about the different Houses in the pamphlets they had received regarding the school. “You’ll probably end up in... more
    • Welcome! — Ivy, Thu Mar 16 19:02
      • What an interesting trio this is. Eden, Thu Mar 23 01:17
        Ivy’s smile felt warm, genuine, and almost familiar, so Eden decided that she liked her. She hadn’t made a big deal of their difference introduction styles, so that was generally a positive. Eden was ... more
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