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Professor Nathan Xavier
Teppenpaws may join me in Teppenpaw (nm)
Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:04

  • Crotalus house, this way!DH Skies, Fri Mar 17 08:09
    OOC - the Head of House speech has now been posted in Crotalus. Crotalus first years are now free to post there or anywhere else on the site (excluding other commons). You may continue Orientation or ... more
    • Teppenpaws may join me in Teppenpaw (nm) — Professor Nathan Xavier , Fri Mar 17 10:04
      • Let's head home, Pecaris! (nm)Prof. Isis Carter, Fri Mar 17 18:39
        • Aladrens this way!Professor Pye, Sun Mar 19 20:30
          It had been a really rough summer. The first one that Alfie had spent without even a day of Cecily. There had been so many times that he'd been tempted to go over to her place and reverse the charms... more
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