Laila Kennedy
One last hurrah?
Sun Mar 19, 2017 22:22

Laila had spent the majority of her summer behind the church gym with Cal Fullerton and by the time she was back on her wagon to school she was feeling fuzzy and light-headed. She had had a lovely vacation and was ready to see her friends again. One thing that Laila loved about Sonora was that she could sit wherever she wanted whenever she wanted. Aside from the Opening Feast, however. Which kinda sucked because her best friends were not in Crotalus. But she got along fine with Kira and almost thought she and the pureblood might be becoming friends and there was Arne Reinhardt even though he was endlessly annoying to her.

But coming back to Sonora was always hard because it meant she had to leave her comfortable small town life for a world which, while accepting, was not hers. Her friends and classmates were all really nice, but she was still a newcomer, she didn't have to live up to a legacy (which came as somewhat of a relief) but she also didn't have such a legacy to rely on. Here, she wasn't Laila Kennedy, golden girl. She was Laila Kennedy, unknown Muggleborn.

She hadn't seen Jax or Gia on the wagon ride over and had spent the whole trip completely worried as to what was going on. Something just didn't feel right. When she got to the school they were no where to be found either and she hadn't seemed to be able to find Sammy either so instead she had just gone to her dorm room and tried to focus on the next Blood Moon Rising book but she hadn't been able to. She had wanted to spend her first day back with her best friends, tell them all about the really amazing summer she'd had. Laila had just made up her mind to pretend to be angry with them and make them beg for forgiveness next time they talked before laughing and telling them she wasn't ever upset at all, just a little disappointed when she saw something which jarred her as odd.

Sammy, alone at the Pecari table looking utterly downcast. Where was Gia? Laila scanned Aladren. No Jax. Her heart began to beat quickly in her chest. Something was wrong, she just knew it. She went up numbly when she was awarded the prefect badge for Crotalus, using the opportunity to look for the Donovans, and as soon as Headmaster Brockert finished the rest of his speech and the food appeared, she rushed over to Sammy.

"Sammy?" she asked, her voice breaking, all of a sudden terrified. "What's going on? Where are Gia and Jax?"

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    • One last hurrah? — Laila Kennedy, Sun Mar 19 22:22
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