Okay, less awkward, whatever
Wed Mar 22, 2017 05:35

He brought his board with him. Ryder had a skateboard, and he had it with him. Why did her mom hate her? Why? His skateboard was in his dorm room, right now. Jen's skateboard was in her bedroom at home, under her bed, for the next few months. “My Mom wouldn't let me bring it,” she said, angrily stabbing her fork into her potato.

That was so unfair. Riding a broomstick was in no way going to be the same. Jen had actually been looking forward to riding a broom until she realised it was going to replace her board. At least there was a board here she could use, since Ryder had offered. That was nice of him, seeing as Jen doubted she would ever let anyone use her board. Ryder was okay, she decided. Even if he had a dumb name. No longer distracted by Ryder’s skating comments, she recalled he had added his surname in his introduction to Zevalyn. Seriously, his folks had named him Knight comma Ryder? Jen smirked at her potato.

Nice guy Ryder was even trying to include Zevalyn in the awesomeness that was skating. Sighing at her potato, now in a mushy, unappetising heap on her plate, Jen figured she could be a bit nicer to the muggleborn who was new but not a first year. “Yeah, I guess I could help, too, if you wanted to learn,” she said to Zevalyn with a noncommittal shrug. “I'm Jen,” she added, in case the apparently older girl hadn't caught her name earlier.

“So are you transferring here from another school? You’re not in first year, right?” Jen was determined to stay at this school. She guessed moving around was interesting, getting to live in different places and stuff, but she was done with that. She was going to have a home for more than three years, and she was going to know the same people for more than three years, and she was looking forward to that. At least there was one person now she thought could maybe get on with okay.

  • Trying to make things less awkward...Ryder, Sun Mar 19 22:45
    While Ryder was waiting for Zevalyn to respond to him, Jen seemed ecstatic about his reply and began asking questions about skating. Zevalyn raised her eyebrows at him, which left Ryder in the... more
    • Okay, less awkward, whatever — Jen, Wed Mar 22 05:35
      • Maybe for youZevalyn , Wed Mar 22 09:12
        After the earlier brush off and obvious interest both her Housemates had in skate boarding, she was uncertain whether or not declining Ryder's offer to teach her would result in being instantly... more
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