Maybe for you
Wed Mar 22, 2017 09:12

After the earlier brush off and obvious interest both her Housemates had in skate boarding, she was uncertain whether or not declining Ryder's offer to teach her would result in being instantly ostracized. "I mostly do roller blading," she offered, hoping this was seen as a cool and related interest rather that some dorky and inferior alternative for the mainstream masses who were not hard core enough to skateboard. "But my mom made me leave them home, too," she added in sympathy to Jen. "I guess I could try to learn skateboarding though," she agreed, though she sounded doubtful enough that they could probably pick up on her fear that this would largely result in more bruises than fun, "but my elbow and knee pads are still at home, too." Yeah, totally not hard core here.

Jen threw her a bone anyway, possibly out of pity, sharing her name and repeating Ryder's earlier question. "No," she corrected the understandable misconception, "not a transfer, unless you count coming from muggle school. I'm starting magic fresh with you guys. My parents are both scientists, so we all thought the Sonora brochures a few years ago were a hoax and tried to get the wizard telling us otherwise arrested. Snopes debunked the existence of a school called Sonora Academy, you know."

She shrugged, then jumped to the end of the story, "But it's kind of hard to deny magic is real when you accidentally create some kind of magical wormhole and appear five miles away from where you just were, so we finally let the muggleborn liaison officers talk to us, and they explained untrained use was very dangerous and I really needed a magical education before I left a leg behind or something. So here I am. They'll let me test out of second year if I do extra work and learn all the beginner coursework in one year instead of two, and I can take my CATS after just two years of intermediates if I feel ready for that, so I can try to catch up to the current third years, which is where I would be if I'd started when I was eleven. I'd rather not still be here when I'm twenty, so that's my plan right now. But, yeah, technically, I am a first year until I can pass a test to skip up."

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    He brought his board with him. Ryder had a skateboard, and he had it with him. Why did her mom hate her? Why? His skateboard was in his dorm room, right now. Jen's skateboard was in her bedroom at... more
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