Dustin and Flo
Weeeell, yes and no.
Thu Mar 23, 2017 01:00

The moment he heard Florence address someone else, Dustin’s whole body tensed and his teeth clenched. Of course he’d heard her; he just wanted to jerk her around a little bit, a subtle return for the annoyance she’d caused him already today. But no, he could never have the last laugh or the leg up. And that seemed unfair, given that he was the oldest and it was his right to be the best. What’s more, he was the heir, and Florence was just a girl. Even their idiot brother Brett was above her.

He resolved to continue ignoring her - she didn’t need him anymore since she’d asked a neighbor to do what she wanted - but the clambering sounds of her addressee was impossible to block out, and regretfully, he found himself glancing subtly, both to see what the person was doing and just who it was. Amelia Layne, one of his sister’s roommates, he discovered, was inchin a bowl toward her with a knife. Lovely. “There you go.” Oh, so she was successful, then.

“You know, I think I read a spell last year that makes a loud noise if you want to test his hearing…”

Dustin’s head turned immediately to face the young girl, giving the same type of glare he would offer his sister a moment later. As much as he hated to humor them with his attention, he was hardly interested in having a second year perform magic on him.

“Ooh, goodie!” Florence cried. It was then that his glare came to her. “Brilliantly done, Amelia,” she smiled to her friend before turning smugly to her older brother. “And how good of you to join us, Dustin! I was getting worried about your hearing.” Dustin offered no response, only glaring harder. “Oh, goodness, have you lost the ability to speak now? My, you just can’t keep your communication skills in check today, poor boy. Are you running a fever?”

She reached up with the back of her hand, but Dustin smacked it away before it could touch his forehead. “Quit it,” he said sternly through his teeth.

“Why, whatever for, big brother?” Florence feigned complete marvel through her intonation, but her smile gave her away. “Am I embarrassing you again? Amelia, do you think I’m embarrassing?” Dustin rolled his eyes bitterly, in a completely foul mood now as he hated being made a fool of, especially by someone his inferior, and in that time that his gaze was gone, Flo gestured to Amelia to play along. This was the most fun she’d had with her brother in a long time.

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    • Weeeell, yes and no. — Dustin and Flo, Thu Mar 23 01:00
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