What an interesting trio this is.
Thu Mar 23, 2017 01:17

Ivyís smile felt warm, genuine, and almost familiar, so Eden decided that she liked her. She hadnít made a big deal of their difference introduction styles, so that was generally a positive. Eden was never going to be ďEden Manger of the Rhode Island Mangers,Ē partially because she didnít want to be, partially because she was raised differently, and partially because the only Rhode Island Mangers now were her and her mom. It hadnít really been a ďbranchĒ in the same sense before, but with Dad gone, it certainly wasnít now.

Eden was about to return Ivyís gesture of good will when her attention was drawn to another girl nearby. She too introduced herself in the pureblood societal fashion, although she offered a nickname: Alex. Eden didnít see any other yellow kids sitting around the table, so unless she just happened to miss them at a glance, it seemed like they were it for the new batch.

Alex seemed sad, mentioning having something on her mind and it being the cause of her accidental intrusion. Ivy was immediately kind, excusing the interruption and asking to Alexís well-being. Eden felt a little bad about it, but she didnít really care that much about Alexís problem. The blonde was a bit too involved in her own grief to be very empathetic at the moment. She just didnít have the emotional room for it. So for now, she just let Ivyís polite interest suffice, contributing nothing of her own but the gaze of her blue eyes.

  • Welcome!Ivy, Thu Mar 16 19:02
    Ivy smiled back. "Nice to meet you, Eden." So the other girl wasn't as excited and she sort of wondered why. Maybe Eden had wanted a different house or was homesick, the latter of which Ivy could... more
    • What an interesting trio this is. — Eden, Thu Mar 23 01:17
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