I can't stand any more "last" anythings
Thu Mar 23, 2017 01:33


Reality stole her back, ripping her from the sad little day dream she was having where she was somewhere else. A moment ago, she had been imagining herself young again, more carefree. The summer before Sonora, maybe, running through her yard one moment, exploring a magical shop with the nice person who told her about magic the next. But now she glanced up to find Laila, looking and sounding as bad as Sammy felt. Oh no.

“What’s going on? Where’s Jax and Gia?”

Sammy took a deep breath to force herself into complete composure, and scooted over to make room for Laila to sit down beside her. “It’s a long story,” she offered, glancing between her friend and the available space.

“A lot of bad stuff happened in August,” she began carefully. “Actually, I guess a lot of bad stuff happened for… forever? I don’t know. It’s really complicated, and it was told to me so fast, and I was so tired because I didn’t sleep well with everything. I got a little lost. I don’t know.” Sammy took a breath. “So, like, at the end of August one night, their mom showed up at my house with these two guys, and they were carrying Gia, and she was all….” The images flashed before her mind, and she had to reset. “She was in a really bad way. And then Mrs. Donovan left with one of them and the other one stayed to try to fix Gia on my couch. And then their mom came back a few days later and said that these weird people had been after them for sometime because of something somebody’s uncle did? But I guess they finally got them and they did stuff to Jax and Gia, and now they’re in Ireland with their mom’s family. Mrs. Donovan said Gia might come back but that she didn’t think Jax ever could.”

For now, she didn’t mention the why of that part. Sammy didn’t know what people knew, how much news got around in the magical world. Not that her fellow Muggleborn would know then, but, like, it seemed like half the school had showed up last year knowing about whatever Makenzie Newell’s dad had done (Sammy didn’t really listen to gossip), so who knew? But she knew she would have to tell her, and soon. If people did know, it was probably best that Laila heard it from her.

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    • I can't stand any more "last" anythings — Sammy, Thu Mar 23 01:33
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