Stirring the tempest in this teacup a little more.
Fri Mar 24, 2017 16:18

Amelia had to admit that there were situations she’d felt more comfortable in than being glared at by an older student, but she stared back at Florence’s brother anyway. It would be really stupid of him to do anything more than glare, after all, and their House kind of had this thing about acting stupid, they were supposed to disapprove of it as a rule. Plus, Florence didn’t seem that concerned with Dustin’s disapproval of their jests.

“Not at all, Flo,” she assured her friend when Florence asked if Amelia thought she was annoying. “I think you’re just trying to look after your brother when he’s not feeling well. I’m sure he’ll be grateful like he should be when he feels better.”

Amelia tried to imagine her own brother in Dustin’s shoes, but it just didn’t work. Lionel was too laid back to be in Aladren, for one thing. He would probably also be telling her to be nice by now. She thought she was being nice, though – nice to Florence, who was her friend. Besides, it was all a bit of fun. “Do you see any chicken soup around here?” she asked Florence, looking around the table as though in serious pursuit of chicken soup. “I’ve heard it’s good for not feeling well and the soul.”

  • Weeeell, yes and no.Dustin and Flo, Thu Mar 23 01:00
    The moment he heard Florence address someone else, Dustin’s whole body tensed and his teeth clenched. Of course he’d heard her; he just wanted to jerk her around a little bit, a subtle return for the ... more
    • Stirring the tempest in this teacup a little more. — Amelia, Fri Mar 24 16:18
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