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Headmaster Brockert
It certainly did.
Wed Apr 5, 2017 11:55

Mortimer couldn't help but warm slightly at Mr. Umland's enthusiasm for his torture instruments, not thinking for a second that it was anything but an innocent academic interest like his own. The idea that people were interested in such things because they were evil and sociopathic was kind of an offensive one. Often when one heard about a serial killer or dark wizard of some sort the media would comment about he (or occasionally she) collected something macabre. He collected things that were macabre and while Mortimer was not the warm friendly sort in the least, he wasn't a terrible person and he certainly wasn't interested in killing anyone. Not really , anyway.

Besides, obviously there was interest in these sorts of things as they were made in the first place! They weren't made exclusively for him-okay, the model kits were special orders and it took a lot of time and money to find authentic torture devices-and a bunch sick weirdos. In fact, Mr. Umland's enthusiasm was proof of that. Mortimer didn't know him well, as he was a student that wasn't Mortimer's grandchild (or the grandchild of one of his brothers), so it was possible that he could have been a sick weirdo, but he was going to give the boy the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, it was the other one who had exhibited violence. And he was in Teppenpaw which made it extra surprising. Mortimer, being part of a huge pureblood family, obviously had Teppenpaw relatives, and he couldn't picture any of them doing anything the least bit violent. Especially Owen. The thought of Owen doing anything violent was mildly hilarious. How this boy had gotten put there, Mortimer was unsure.

The two of them were now devolving into squabbling. It was irritating but it was giving him some idea of what was going on and now he knew who the younger boy was especially once the elder Mr. Umland identified the Teppenpaw as Joe. Mortimer had a feeling he wasn't going to forget.

He held up his hand. "Boys! One at a time!" He pointed to John. "You first."

  • Well, this got out of hand quickly.The Umlands, Tue Mar 14 15:01
    John reached for his wand – still unfamiliar, he missed his old one, but he had practiced enough over the summer that he expected he could manage; the new one was not so temperamental as the old – as ... more
    • It certainly did. — Headmaster Brockert, Wed Apr 5 11:55
      • Most of Joe’s brain was still caught up in a confusing whirl of anger toward his brother and dread about the immediate future, but enough was still functioning that there had been an element of... more
        • You are not.Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 6 12:27
          Okay, this was precisely why Mortimer didn't like dealing with the students himself and instead,preferred to pawn them off on another staff member. Teenagers could be such utter twits. Just as he was ... more
          • We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.Joe and John, Sat May 6 13:57
            Now that the headmaster put it that way, Joe supposed it did sound pretty stupid. He had included the details while trying to yell their collective way out of trouble, but apparently Brockert only... more
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