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Joe and John
Neither of us is really helping get it back in hand, are we?
Mon Apr 24, 2017 19:00

Most of Joe’s brain was still caught up in a confusing whirl of anger toward his brother and dread about the immediate future, but enough was still functioning that there had been an element of strategy in his decision to snap at John about the bit of their summer which had included John nearly dying. Playing that card seemed like the only thing that might possibly stand the slightest possible chance of getting them both out of trouble. It wasn’t much of a chance, Brockert not being known for his possession of human emotions, but it was the best chance they had, and while Joe still really wanted to hit his brother, he didn’t want to get John arrested or himself stuck in detention for the rest of his life.

John, however, was not cooperating with Joe’s efforts to blurt their way out of trouble. When Brockert pointed at him and demanded he explain their situation first, John looked at the old man with open annoyance.

“He already told you,” said John, pointing at Joe. “I did something that worried him. He gets angry when I do that. I left home early this year, so he didn’t get a chance to hit me there, so he gave it a try here.” John rubbed his temple. “Now he’s going to give me sweaters. My mother sent them. She – doesn’t get angry when I worry her. Anyway. It’s done now, so there’s no reason to stay here any longer when we all have things to do.”

  • It certainly did.Headmaster Brockert, Wed Apr 5 11:55
    Mortimer couldn't help but warm slightly at Mr. Umland's enthusiasm for his torture instruments, not thinking for a second that it was anything but an innocent academic interest like his own. The... more
    • Neither of us is really helping get it back in hand, are we? — Joe and John, Mon Apr 24 19:00
      • You are not.Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 6 12:27
        Okay, this was precisely why Mortimer didn't like dealing with the students himself and instead,preferred to pawn them off on another staff member. Teenagers could be such utter twits. Just as he was ... more
        • We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.Joe and John, Sat May 6 13:57
          Now that the headmaster put it that way, Joe supposed it did sound pretty stupid. He had included the details while trying to yell their collective way out of trouble, but apparently Brockert only... more
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