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Headmaster Brockert
You are not.
Sat May 6, 2017 12:27

Okay, this was precisely why Mortimer didn't like dealing with the students himself and instead,preferred to pawn them off on another staff member. Teenagers could be such utter twits. Just as he was finding John Umland to be an almost agreeable sort unlike his violent younger brother, the boy had to turn petulant on him.

"Well,I would prefer to hear it in a more coherent manner." Mortimer replied, not bothering to suppress a sneer. Well, technically, he didn't care to hear it at all, but given that he'd been unable to avoid the situation, he was stuck.Besides, Mortimer had to hear both sides of the story to see if John warranted punishment as well. Honestly, he was beginning to not blame Joe a bit for wanting punch his older brother. At the moment he kind of wished he could do the same. But he was the Headmaster and he could get in deep trouble for assaulting a student.

Mortimer now fixed his attention on Joe."So all he did was worry you and that warranted a violent attempt?" In all his years, he'd never heard of such a ridiculous reason to hit someone and as someone with three brothers-and a sister- of his own and five sons, he certainly had come across plenty of instances of brother on brother violence. Then again, the younger boy was a Teppenpaw after all. Figures it would be something like that that brought one to violence.

Of course, even if Joe had tried hitting John for a valid reason such as being annoying, Mortimer still couldn't appear to condone such a thing.

He had to say though that he was relieved that Mrs. Umland didn't use the same methods as her younger son. A teenage boy in need of anger management-and had their potential counselor not left at the very last moment, he'd be sentenced to it-was one thing, an abusive parent was quite another. As in a level of involvement he did not want.

  • Most of Joe’s brain was still caught up in a confusing whirl of anger toward his brother and dread about the immediate future, but enough was still functioning that there had been an element of... more
    • You are not. — Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 6 12:27
      • We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.Joe and John, Sat May 6 13:57
        Now that the headmaster put it that way, Joe supposed it did sound pretty stupid. He had included the details while trying to yell their collective way out of trouble, but apparently Brockert only... more
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