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Joe and John
We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.
Sat May 6, 2017 13:57

Now that the headmaster put it that way, Joe supposed it did sound pretty stupid. He had included the details while trying to yell their collective way out of trouble, but apparently Brockert only listened to things said directly to him in a calm manner. Which, admittedly, was an understandable policy – just not one which was very convenient for Joe right now. This was why Joe didn’t like male Aladrens. The girls were all right – actually, he liked Aladren girls very much - but the dudes simply did not work the way other people did, which made them much harder to maneuver.

“He worried Mom and our sister, too,” said Joe, hoping to appeal to the patriarchy he assumed someone named Brockert firmly believed in. It was unchivalrous to upset women, and Mom and Julian were both currently very, very upset. There was also Joanie, whom he had gathered wished to kick his brother in a particularly undiplomatic manner while giving him her full and unedited opinion of his leaving her to deal with Mom and Julian with only Joe for help, but Joe wasn’t going to talk about her right now. “Mom’s a mess. All she wants to do is say novenas and light candles over him. Our priest thinks she ought to see a doctor.”

John looked miserable, and Joe almost - almost - felt bad. Joe tried not to listen to Julian when she claimed that Mom loved John more than she did either of them, but he couldn’t deny that his sister was right about John virtually worshiping Mom. He’d been freaked out by their biological mother’s presence in their kitchen from the start when Sam had dropped in on them a couple of years ago, but he hadn’t completely flipped his biscuits and come close to setting the house on fire until Sam had referred to herself as his mother. Joe knew he had just been unnecessarily – and worse, unproductively – cruel, and he knew it was very wrong to derive a sick sort of satisfaction from knowing it had had the intended result. He decided not to look at his brother anymore right now.

“You see, sir – he nearly died,” he said again, pointing at John in case Brockert had missed this crucial detail earlier. “And then as soon as we’re all pretty sure he’s not going to do that, we wake up one morning and he’s run off and there’s just a note on the kitchen table telling us not to worry, that he’s just going to take a bus to the other side of the continent!” Joe bit the inside of his mouth and counted to five to allow his voice to go back down instead of rising any further in indignation.

“I sent another one when I got there,” objected John.

Joe decided just to look at Brockert with an expression that hopefully conveyed you see what I have to deal with? It seemed like the most effective response he could make just now.

  • You are not.Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 6 12:27
    Okay, this was precisely why Mortimer didn't like dealing with the students himself and instead,preferred to pawn them off on another staff member. Teenagers could be such utter twits. Just as he was ... more
    • We suspected as much, but thanks for confirming. — Joe and John, Sat May 6 13:57
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