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Aislinn Nicolls
Is it really that bad?
Sat May 20, 2017 22:00

Aislinn stared over towards the Pecari table at her sister. She was worried about Sutton. Yesterday, her sister had looked like her sister, but today, she looked like someone else. She was dressing completely different from the short skirts and high boots to the red lips and dark liner. She had started acting like a stranger before that though. She had begun locking herself in her room and skipping meals. When Aislinn had tried to talk to her, Sutton had been sullen. She didnít know what was going on.

Now that they were back at school, she had hoped that Gia, whom Sutton had grown closer to, would be of some assistance, but Aislinn was disappointed to find that Gia, among others, had left the school. She wondered if that had anything to do with Suttonís mood. She knew that her sister didnít have many friends. Aislinn didnít either, but she didnít find it to be of much importance. She preferred the solitary world of knowledge. However, there was one person that interrupted that world.

Shifting down the table, Aislinn sat in front of John. She was going to say hi to him, but he seemed lost in some sort of thought. They had had a few interesting conversations regarding things like transfiguration, however, she still didnít have a clue past what he was willing to reveal. He was an enigma all his own. Titling her head slightly, her curls bouncing to one side, she stared curiously at him. He was certainly like no one else.

Somewhere among the last few moments, Johnís entrancement had turned into Aislinnís, as he was now talking to her. ďOh, um, hi. How was your midterm?Ē She asked, hoping that he hadnít noticed that she had been staring. ďItís weird that so many people have left, doesnít it?Ē

OOC: I'm assuming their conversations, however, feel free to ignore or add to said occurrences as you see fit. :)

  • Bah, humbug.John Umland, Sat May 20 11:15
    Most years, the two annual feasts were events to at least mildly look forward to Ė not too much, of course, as they began periods of separation from his family, but still. After being away from... more
    • Is it really that bad? — Aislinn Nicolls, Sat May 20 22:00
      • Yeah, pretty much.John, Wed May 24 18:09
        The person observing his distraction was Aislinn. John did not know if this was better or worse than someone else doing it. On one hand, she seemed not to mind his strangeness in general, but on the... more
        • Tomorrow's another day.Aislinn, Fri Jun 9 09:57
          If Aislinn didnít have amazing self control, she probably would have been sitting with her mouth hanging open in shock for the fact that John had stated to some form that he had missed her. She... more
          • Here's hoping it isn't worse than today.John, Sun Jun 11 11:23
            Complicated. That was a loaded word if John had ever heard one. The sensible thing, he knew, to do whenever someone mentioned that things were complicated was to run screaming in the opposite... more
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