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Jozua Sparks
Of Christmas, Dueling, and, um, more Dueling
Tue May 23, 2017 11:10

Jozua was normally a pretty decent student. He'd grown up in the town called Aladren after all, and his mom had been from the Sonora House Aladren, so some things just rubbed off. The last two or three weeks before midterm, though? Not so much. He had been super excited about the new year, when he could not only go to a Professional Dueling Tournament (which he got to do every summer for his birthday) but this time he could invite Lily and Finn to watch it with him.

Even Christmas had been barely a blip on his radar, though he'd gotten a new chess set, a bunch of cool books, and a pair of new beater gloves (which he'd asked for as a practical request not because he wanted to be Beater any longer than absolutely required).

As the Duel had been just the day before the wagons brought them back to Sonora, his friends caught the wagon back with him and he got to spend the whole ride with them. As such, his social meter was already at full when he arrived at the feast, so he said goodbye to Lily to let her catch up with her Pecari friends and adios to Finn so he could catch up with his other friends, which left Jozua a bit at loose ends about who he should sit with.

He spotted Joe sitting already when he arrived and decided his intermediate classmate and Quidditch teammate was as good an option as any other and took the seat across from him. "Hey," he said, but his arrival was timed such that there wasn't much chance for conversation before the Headmaster began what - for the Headmaster - was a decent sized speech. It was, like, four whole sentences.

Jozua was dismayed to discover Pye was gone. Who was supposed to teach at Dueling Club now? He eyed the Advanced DADA teacher speculatively. It might work, even if the guy was part Charms professor too. Of course, Perrault had been his second choice if Pye had declined, so the new substitute would probably work from either of his subjects' perspectives. But that would require approaching a person who wasn't even one of Jozua's teachers. Maybe a second opinion was in order. Joe was right there, so Jozua asked him, "D'you think that guy would agree to be the Dueling Adviser? The one teaching Advanced classes? Or would Carter be a better one to ask? Substitute you know and all that." Presumably Carter would be taking on their DADA lessons since no Beginner/Intermediate DADA substitute had been specifically mentioned.

  • Of Christmas, coconuts, and Victorian literature.Joe Umland, Sat May 20 19:37
    Christmas could have been worse, Joe supposed. Certainly it had been better than he had feared it would be. Mom hadn’t said anything to him about trying to knock some sense into John back in... more
    • Of Christmas, Dueling, and, um, more Dueling — Jozua Sparks, Tue May 23 11:10
      • Joe had realized there were going to be a lot of headaches until the teachers got themselves sorted out and replaced and whatnot, but the logistics of extracurricular activities were not things he... more
        • You picked up on that, did you?Jozua Sparks, Thu May 25 21:21
          Jozua nodded in agreement that teaching solely Advanced classes suggested a higher base knowledge in the subject, which would probably be a good thing in a person trying to keep a bunch of 11-18 year ... more
          • I am a master of observation.Joe Umland, Fri May 26 14:46
            Joe nodded his agreement about back-up plans, glad they were thinking similar thoughts. “You know it,” he said. The question about breaks was, by definition, a boring question. Everyone asked it and... more
            • It is an excellent trait to possessJozua, Fri May 26 20:37
              Jozua nodded in sympathy when Joe predictably admitted his midterm had lacked the glory and wonder of Jozua's. Not everyone could have The Best Midterm Ever, and Jozua had surely claimed it this... more
              • Thank you, I quite agree.Joe Umland , Sun May 28 11:47
                “Hm, probably not,” agreed Joe when Jozua got really specific about a drawback of life in Aladren. “Unless you’ve got immigrants of a certain age from Saskatchewan. My granddad might know them. I... more
                • Continuing to overshareJozua Sparks, Wed May 31 14:27
                  Jozua twisted his expression into uncertainty and wiggled his hand out in front of him. "We've got immigrants," he admitted. "I know of one from the Netherlands in the form of my mother, but," he... more
                  • Continuing to ask questions.Joe Umland, Wed May 31 16:03
                    Jozua’s mother was from the Netherlands*? Well, that was not something he thought one heard every day. Joe knew this was probably not interesting if one was used to it, but he still considered this... more
                    • Continuing to answerJozua, Thu Jun 1 10:07
                      Jozua nodded in understanding as Joe explained the dangers of hysterical people who didn't slow down to think about things before jumping to wrong conclusions. He might not know any muggle mothers... more
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