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Georgia Kirkly
Sit back, relax, enjoy
Thu May 25, 2017 09:34

Weird was the new normal. It wasn’t the first school holiday that Georgia had spent shuttling between her parents. It wasn’t nice, she still didn’t like it, but it had actually been the status quo for long enough that it would have been weirder to see them together. Kinda sad as that was as a milestone, it definitely meant dealing with the festivities a lot easier. She almost thought they even had a routine now. She split Christmas Day down the middle, sharing it between them, and had gone to her mom first last year, so she’d got Christmas Eve, followed by her dad, so he’d got New Year. This year, they had swapped, with only a small amount of no-pressure-just-do-whatever-you-want type talks in the lead up, and now she knew what she’d do next year too and, she hoped, so did they. She tried to ignore the possibility that one of them might shake up this new and happy equilibrium by dating, because that thought was just beyond gross - they were parents. It was barely acceptable for them to have been romantically or sexually attracted to each other, let alone anyone else.

Coming back to school still felt weird without her friends though. Just when she’d adjusted to all the changes at home, her life at school had to turn upside down. Tess had been super nice to her in Care of Magical Creatures, but it still wasn’t the same as having her own actual friends. This was why, as she entered the hall, she actually took some time thinking about where to sit and made, instead of the Teppenpaw table, for the Aladren one. She felt mildly self-conscious, especially as she quite often felt a bit thick when talking to Aladrens, but she had one specific target in mind; the transfer girl. The transfer girl was an amazing blessing. She was someone actually of Georgia’s age who was new and completely alone, which basically shouldn’t have been possible. Georgia also felt she was probably deflecting quite a lot of attention away from her at the moment - a transfer was even more of a social oddity and potential freak than a girl who’d just had all her friends transfer away. Not that she thought anything nasty of the new girl, but it was just so much more gossip-worthy than she herself was. Sure, she was sticking her neck above the parapet a little in courting the transfer’s attention now, but at least they could be losers together, and the benefits seemed to far outweigh the risks, given that she had basically no social standing to lose.

“I don’t know, but I wish it would stop,” Georgia sighed, when the girl asked about all the staff changes. To be honest, they didn’t bother her so much, but the general whirlwind of change feeling was getting old super fast. She definitely didn’t want upheaval and people leaving to become mainstays of Sonora life. “Cool,” she smiled, glad of the introduction, because all she’d been able to remember about Zevalyn’s name was that it was something weird. “Is that… Greek or something?” she guessed. She wasn’t sure why she’d picked Greek, but it seemed as good a guess as any. She couldn’t recall specific brands, but she was sure there were loads of Zs in that square, liney font that was meant to denote Ancient Greece and was used to flog yoghurt and dips. Zevalyn. Zevalyn. Zevalyn, she tried repeating it a few times in her head to commit to memory. “I’m Georgia. I’m a third year. You’re moving up to my grade at some point or something, right?”

  • A much needed breatherZevalyn Ives, Mon May 22 11:41
    Zevalyn had stayed at Sonora over midterm. Her parents lived right in Phoenix so she did see them (briefly) on Christmas when she was escorted to the city for Church. Otherwise, though, she spent her ... more
    • Sit back, relax, enjoy — Georgia Kirkly, Thu May 25 09:34
      • Is there lemonade?Zevalyn, Fri May 26 08:41
        "Greek?" Zevalyn repeated, momentarily confused by the question before she dismissed it as nothing more than a wildly inaccurate guess as to her name's origin. "No, my parents made it up. Well, my... more
        • ProbablyGeorgia, Sat May 27 20:36
          “Oh. Wow,” Georgia blinked, in response to the fact that Zevalyn’s name was made up. That was weird. She was pretty sure she’d never met anyone with a made up name before. Between that and being a... more
          • Awesome. I love lemonade.Zevalyn, Wed May 31 13:25
            "Worst part was that I couldn't go home for Christmas," Zevalyn complained when Georgia offered her sympathy for the scheduled madness she was going through with her lessons. "I can't practice at... more
            • Maybe we should get cookies too?Georgia, Thu Jun 1 04:15
              “What? That’s so awful!” Georgia sympathised, when Zevalyn reported that she hadn’t been able to go home for Christmas. She had thought her Christmases kind of sucked, being shuttled between and... more
              • Zevalyn goggled a little bit as Georgia told her about what Quidditch was. She'd heard of it, of course, Aladren had been pretty desperate in its recruiting this year, but she'd been too busy with... more
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