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Jozua Sparks
You picked up on that, did you?
Thu May 25, 2017 21:21

Jozua nodded in agreement that teaching solely Advanced classes suggested a higher base knowledge in the subject, which would probably be a good thing in a person trying to keep a bunch of 11-18 year old students from killing or maiming one another in an extracurricular dueling club. And Joe's second point was worth considering as well, though Jozua felt fairly confident that 'it might make him feel welcome' was not something that would have come up in a discussion with anybody from any other House but Teppenpaw.

"Good idea, it's always good to have a backup plan," Jozua agreed. He'd kind of been leaning that direction anyway, so having Joe come up with it independently made him feel more confident in that course of action. "Nash first, then Carter."

That settled, the conversation naturally fell to the obvious question for the Returning Feast. Fortunately, he had a more interesting answer this year than 'fine' and he'd actually been hoping, for once, that someone would ask, since his two main friends had been there for the highlight and so had no need to ask him about his break. And he was nigh on near to bursting in his desire to tell someone.

By asking this fairly innocent-seeming question, Joe was unknowingly opening the floodgates. As a rule, Jozua didn't talk much. He was generally a polite person, and he wasn't shy precisely, but he just had a fairly taciturn nature. One of the reasons he and Lily worked so well together was that Lily could carry 5/6-ths of a conversation all by herself.

This was not the case when the topic of dueling arose.

"It was great!" Jozua enthused, his entire person basically glowing as he dropped his club worries and picked up his recent glorious memories. "For Christmas, Dad bought me tickets for myself, and Lily, and Finn to go the New Year Dueling Championships in Aladren! It was so good -" and here he began to speak Duel-ese, which was very similar to how some fervent sports fans talked about Quidditch, with name dropping and stats and signature moves and so forth.

"It was soo good," Jozua breathed out in conclusion two full minutes later. "Best midterm ever. How was yours?" Which wasn't a fair question at all, because, really, who could have done anything that could have remotely compare favorably to his? But he thought it was Joe's turn to talk now and he didn't know what else to ask to shift the conversation back that way.

  • Joe had realized there were going to be a lot of headaches until the teachers got themselves sorted out and replaced and whatnot, but the logistics of extracurricular activities were not things he... more
    • You picked up on that, did you? — Jozua Sparks, Thu May 25 21:21
      • I am a master of observation.Joe Umland, Fri May 26 14:46
        Joe nodded his agreement about back-up plans, glad they were thinking similar thoughts. “You know it,” he said. The question about breaks was, by definition, a boring question. Everyone asked it and... more
        • It is an excellent trait to possessJozua, Fri May 26 20:37
          Jozua nodded in sympathy when Joe predictably admitted his midterm had lacked the glory and wonder of Jozua's. Not everyone could have The Best Midterm Ever, and Jozua had surely claimed it this... more
          • Thank you, I quite agree.Joe Umland , Sun May 28 11:47
            “Hm, probably not,” agreed Joe when Jozua got really specific about a drawback of life in Aladren. “Unless you’ve got immigrants of a certain age from Saskatchewan. My granddad might know them. I... more
            • Continuing to overshareJozua Sparks, Wed May 31 14:27
              Jozua twisted his expression into uncertainty and wiggled his hand out in front of him. "We've got immigrants," he admitted. "I know of one from the Netherlands in the form of my mother, but," he... more
              • Continuing to ask questions.Joe Umland, Wed May 31 16:03
                Jozua’s mother was from the Netherlands*? Well, that was not something he thought one heard every day. Joe knew this was probably not interesting if one was used to it, but he still considered this... more
                • Continuing to answerJozua, Thu Jun 1 10:07
                  Jozua nodded in understanding as Joe explained the dangers of hysterical people who didn't slow down to think about things before jumping to wrong conclusions. He might not know any muggle mothers... more
                  • Contemplating the future.Joe, Thu Jun 1 18:04
                    “I see your dad’s point,” said Joe, amused, as Jozua continued into his family’s insurance woes. “I’d be mad if my bills went up because John set something on fire.” Not quite the same thing, of... more
                    • Uh-oh, Cleo and Amelia are catching upJozua, Fri Jun 2 08:37
                      Jozua laughed, "Well if you're learning your trade from him and he just set the whole town on fire because the spell he was inventing did exactly what it was supposed to do, they might be justified... more
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