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Lauren Song
I know!
Sat May 27, 2017 12:49

Though Lauren usually sat at the Teppenpaw table during the welcoming feasts, she decided to branch out a little. It wasn't like it really mattered at the Returning Feast, anyway, and she was hoping to make some new friends. Her roommates were usually preoccupied with their boyfriends and there was only so much lovey-dovey stuff Lauren could tolerate. It wasn't their fault, she knew that, but she would catch up with her best friends later on in their room.

The Headmaster looked a little more peeved than usual today and Lauren imagined it was because so many professors had up and vanished. She scanned the staff table for her favorites and breathed a sigh of relief to see Professor Skies still there. She was curious how they'd managed to snag new professors for this term, but that was good for them. So she thought.

It's not like having new professors was really going to affect her at all. They came and went all the time here. Maybe magical professors had better things to do than teach a bunch of teenagers how to use their magic.

"Yeah, I did," Lauren replied. She knew of Scarlett from classes, but that was about it. "Dad came and spent Christmas with us and we were supposed to go skiing, but it didn't end up happening. That's okay though, we had a great time together anyway. It wasn't the most exciting holiday, but it was fun." Lauren hardly ever saw her dad since he lived in Korea, so the time he was able to get away from his business and see them were precious.

"Did you have a nice winter break?" she asked as she put together a salad for herself.

  • But....but(t)....Scarlett Brockert, Mon May 22 00:05
    Scarlett stared at the staff table. Professor Pye was gone? How could this be ! The whole reason she was taking DADA in the first place was so she could ogle him. What was the point of the class now? ... more
    • I know! — Lauren Song, Sat May 27 12:49
      • Right?Scarlett, Wed May 31 06:25
        Scarlett was slightly surprised to hear Lauren Song mention her dad visiting her-and presumably her brother, as she had said "us"-over midterm. Okay, actually Scarlett was surprised to see Lauren... more
        • Woes of a teenage girlLauren, Wed May 31 11:22
          Lauren enjoyed talking about her family, though explaining her family situation got a little complicated. Not many people really asked, though, so she didn't really find herself in that situation... more
          • Not feeling too woeful myself.Scarlett, Thu Jun 8 13:08
            Scarlett listened as Lauren talked about her holidays and tried to hide her confusion.Not at the mention of Christmas as the Pecari knew that a lot of people had sold out to the more commonly... more
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