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Sat May 27, 2017 20:36

“Oh. Wow,” Georgia blinked, in response to the fact that Zevalyn’s name was made up. That was weird. She was pretty sure she’d never met anyone with a made up name before. Between that and being a transfer, Zevalyn was definitely seeming more than a little strange. Transfer kids usually fell into one of two groups… They were either instantly cool because they were new and exciting, or weird and outcast-y becasue they’d been rejected by somewhere else. Had Zevalyn been at a different magic school before here, one where she’d been bullied? Perhaps the same school Georgia’s mum had been to… That was enough to make Georgia at least feel sorry for the other girl, even if she was concerned about dubious social status. Although that didn’t really gel with why Zevalyn was in first year here.

“Yeah, that sounds crazy tough,” she sympathised, as Zevalyn explained her schedule. At least she was an Aladren. She probably kind of liked studying. It would absolutely have killed Georgia, and she doubted she’d have been able to do it. She had enough trouble keeping up with her regular homework load, though she wasn’t going to share that fact, given where they were sitting.

“I’m a halfblood, actually, but I know where you’re coming from. My mom… kinda kept pretty quiet about the whole magic thing,” she said, trying to work out how to explain without really going into the whole big thing that had come about as a result, although her tone betrayed that this had definitely not become one of those funny family stories, or been an exciting surprise. “So, yeah, I had to get used to all this being real too. I guess I am,” she shrugged. “Sometimes there’s still… like an ‘oh my god, why would you invent that spell or that potion’ moment. Some of the ideas are freaky or just plain stupid. But it’s not like I’m walking around in a permanent state of shock. And there’s nice bits too. Most of the animals are kind of fun, and a lot of the spells make life easier. So, this is all new to you?” she questioned. She guessed that was why Zevalyn was only in first year, although the real question then became how it was possible that this was all new to her, because the school was surely meant to sort that stuff out. “Did your letter get lost in the post or something? Or aren’t there like… people who are meant to come and tell Muggleborns in person, or something?”

  • Is there lemonade?Zevalyn, Fri May 26 08:41
    "Greek?" Zevalyn repeated, momentarily confused by the question before she dismissed it as nothing more than a wildly inaccurate guess as to her name's origin. "No, my parents made it up. Well, my... more
    • Probably — Georgia, Sat May 27 20:36
      • Awesome. I love lemonade.Zevalyn, Wed May 31 13:25
        "Worst part was that I couldn't go home for Christmas," Zevalyn complained when Georgia offered her sympathy for the scheduled madness she was going through with her lessons. "I can't practice at... more
        • Maybe we should get cookies too?Georgia, Thu Jun 1 04:15
          “What? That’s so awful!” Georgia sympathised, when Zevalyn reported that she hadn’t been able to go home for Christmas. She had thought her Christmases kind of sucked, being shuttled between and... more
          • Zevalyn goggled a little bit as Georgia told her about what Quidditch was. She'd heard of it, of course, Aladren had been pretty desperate in its recruiting this year, but she'd been too busy with... more
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