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Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Searching for new things
Sun May 28, 2017 07:47

Jemima knew that she was very lucky. She had Owen, and he was her soulmate. Not every Pureblood girl even got to marry for love, let alone true, fairy story love. And she and Owen were in the same year. She wasn’t sure what Ginger and Jake planned to do in the future, mostly because it seemed they themselves weren’t sure, but right now they were still together but having to spend all their time apart, and it sucked for Ginger, who missed him terribly. She definitely was lucky. Which made her wonder why she felt so distracted, and at times restless about being with Owen. When other boys asked her to dance at parties, she found it sort of exciting, wondering what they might be thinking about her. At Sonora, she would loyally, and truthfully, say that Owen was the most attractive person to her in the whole school. But he wasn’t the only one. She was glad that Olivier Westley had graduated. He was distracting and confusing. Although, as soon as he had gone, she had noticed that Liac Reinhardt had really nice eyes. She didn’t want to date Liac. She didn’t think she had much in common with him, and he wasn’t society. She knew that wanted to date Owen. But she could see why someone would want to date Liac, or to run their fingers through his hair, or stare into his eyes, and that made her feel confused and guilty. It was also the first feeling that she’d ever had that she felt unable to share with Owen. It got worse when they had to be apart. Her mind would wonder, and these thoughts would build up, and she’d go around in circles in her head. Seeing him made the world kind of snap back into focus. It made her remember how good everything was between them, and that she didn’t need to worry about anything else. When he was around, there was no space in her head for other boys. It was just when he wasn’t that she felt it was a problem. And so, as she took her seat opposite him at the feast, and they started to plan their meal, the rest of the world went away again, and sond everything made sense and felt right.

“Hmm, good question,” Jemima scanned the table. “I see plenty of things I want to eat… Cajun shrimp, mashed pumpkin with garlic…” she helped herself to the dishes as she listed them, before passing them across to Owen. Whilst the food at Sonora was always good and varied, there was never anything like the choice there was at the feast, ame dishes only came out on these special occasions. Whilst she was keen to find something new, she wasn’t going to pass up old favourites, especially if she might not see them again for sixth months. “Ooh, I tried olives again over the holidays, and I like them now. My mother always said they’re a food you grow into. Is there anything over your side with olives, and does it count?” she asked. Owen already liked them, so they’d tried a lot of the dishes that had occasional olives in them, with her picking hers out and putting them on his plate, which meant she had tried most of the dish, and it definitely wasn’t new to him. Still, it was a good starting point, and the feast was far from over.

  • Tagging JemimaOwen Brockert, Fri May 26 05:52
    As usual, Owen was glad to be back at Sonora. While he loved his family very much, he missed being with Jemima. He had seen her during the break as usual but that was never the same as seeing her... more
    • Searching for new things — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun May 28 07:47
      • Um....I have some ideas.Owen, Tue May 30 09:41
        Owen, though already in a pretty good mood, perked up a bit more when Jemima mentioned mashed pumpkin with garlic. After Jemima and writing, garlic was one of the things in the world he loved best.... more
        • Making things harderJemima, Thu Jun 1 01:44
          “Olive bread with olive dip,” she grinned, “In at the deep end.” She took the dishes Owen passed her, applying a cautious layer of the dip to the bread. “Oops,” she said, as she caught the edge of... more
          • Um, that's...really accurate.Owen, Fri Jun 2 10:21
            Oh. Dear. Merlin. As Jemima licked dip off of her finger, Owen felt...well, something that despite his abilities as a writer he was at a loss of words to describe. This wasn't something he ever ever... more
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