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Tarquin Reynolds, Aged Librarian
As am I
Sun May 28, 2017 08:30

Christmas had been a little different this year. It had been something of a milestone. He and Danny were no longer the parents to whom the little chicks returned - they were the aged and visiting parents/in-laws that descended on their daughter and her boyfriend. Henny and Niall had been living together for almost two years, but only one Christmas, prior to this one, for which both had returned to their own homes. This year though, they had reached the point where it seemed silly and unnatural for them to spend the day apart, so both sets of parents, plus Charlie, had been invited over. Niall had a sister too, but she had a family and was with her in-laws, which helped, as otherwise it might have got beyond the point where it was physically possible to cram everyone into the couple’s tiny apartment. Niall’s mother had spent much of the morning fretting that it was too much, that she didn’t see how Henny and Niall could turn out a roast dinner for seven people from that tiny kitchen, and were they sure they didn’t want any help? Henny had gently but firmly kept her in the living room. Niall knew her secrets, but it wouldn’t do for his parents to find out. He conducted the more public elements, such as laying the table, which couldn’t be done by magic, as Henny secretly pulled improbable numbers of potatoes out of the cupboards, and set the knife to chopping them. It had been a little strained, pretending that magic didn’t exist, and somewhat hard to know sometimes what to talk about. Gifts had been problematic too. They had had had to consider their purchases carefully - slippers, pyjamas, calendars without moving pictures - and had had several additional parcels which they’d given Henny after Niall’s family had left. It left Tarquin feeling rather complicated… He wasn’t prejudiced. He believed there was nothing wrong with Henny loving Niall, and he himself liked the boy. But it did make life hard. These occasions were going to be hard work, and his daughter was signing herself up for a million other unnecessary problems… Except of course they weren’t unnecessary, because this was who she loved. He just wished it could have been easier for her. But she had been happy with how her first Christmas as hostess had gone. She was happy, in general. And that was the main thing.

He had returned to Sonora for a second term as emergency librarian. The staff situation seemed to be getting worse though, as there was now another substitute professor on board. Dan Nash. It was a familiar name. Dan Nash… It was hard to place people’s ages, but he wondered whether the man had been a student when Henny had been here? Not someone she was close to, but perhaps he’d seen the name in one of her yearbooks? That was a strange thought. Whilst he knew his daughter was theoretically old enough to be a teacher, it didn’t seem right in the least. Especially not when it felt like the tail end of their cohort was still passing through the school, the siblings of their friends still studying here. The man’s introduction confirmed that he was, indeed, a former student, and from Henny’s house.

“Tarquin,” he introduced himself. “When were you an Aladren? Your name’s very familiar.”

OOC - fyi, I worked out that Tarquin’s original period of librarianship overlapped with Daniel being a student by at least a year, maybe two. However, he didn’t run a library monitor scheme, so he wasn’t super familiar with the students, especially the younger ones.

  • Hey, I'm back again, Sonora.Substitute Professor Daniel Nash II, Sat May 20 08:59
    It had been about fourteen years since Daniel Nash left Sonora for the last time. Walking into the school now, he was surprised by how much was the same, and how much it . . . wasn't the same. The... more
    • As am I — Tarquin Reynolds, Aged Librarian, Sun May 28 08:30
      • Is it weird for you, too?Daniel, Wed May 31 10:00
        Tarquin. Daniel was reasonably certain he didn't find that name familiar but he had not really been on a first name basis with any of the Sonora staff when he'd been a mere student. Tarquin was... more
        • It's fairly strangeTarquin, Thu Jun 1 03:51
          Holly. Maybe that rang a bell. But it was hard to tell from where. It wasn’t a terribly unusual name, and there were all the various children that Henny and Charlie had known at primary school to... more
          • Glad to know I'm not aloneDaniel, Fri Jun 2 12:26
            Ah, librarian. Now that he said that, Daniel could maybe place the guy - he had checked out a good many books even just in his first year - but it had been a long time ago and a fairly... more
            • Glad to assistTarquin, Thu Jun 8 09:55
              Tarquin just tried to nod at the appropriate points in Daniel’s narrative. He was aware of television, and he thought that being an actor on it was considered a profession of some status in the... more
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