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Kir McLeod
Sun May 28, 2017 10:08

Kir loved his family, and he loved what they did. The McLeod Foundation, started by his aunt and her wife, provided a place for people to go when they didn’t have many other options. It was mostly Purebloods - or, he supposed, by the time they came to them, ex-Purebloods - who had decided not to follow the path laid out for them, for one reason or another. Usually because they were in love with the wrong person, be it someone Muggleborn, or someone who was the same sex as them, or both. It was something to be proud of, something he was happy to have his name attached to. It also made Christmas rather manic. Firstly, as a charity, they had to fundraise, and Christmas was a great time to do that. There were fairs to attend, raffles to organise, coffee mornings… The centre always had a big Christmas party, which was half fundraiser, half celebration, well attended by the LGBTQ+ community in general, and specifically those that they had helped in the past. But on top of this, Christmas was a stressful time for a lot of people. It was a time when a lot of people reached crunch point about the choices in their life, or realised they didn’t want to keep living a lie - couldn’t face another season of every relative asking them when would they find a nice girl, settle down.

The day before Christmas Eve, they’d had a young witch show up. She was supposed to get married in the the New Year. The date, when they’d set it, had seemed so distant. She had been sure something would change, but it hadn’t… She didn’t know what she wanted, it was hard to know when she’d been told all her life what she should want, but she knew it wasn’t to get married to that man. His aunts had spent Christmas at the centre, instead of with his family so that she wasn’t alone.

Kir was returning, post-holiday, with some new reading material, a nice warm dressing gown, the trading cards from the chocolate frogs that he’d already eaten, and rather a lot of introspection. Beyond the gifts he’d got, he had been reminded again that he had a family that loved him no matter what. He was sure it would sound hokey to a lot of other people, that his Christmas had been about that more than the presents, but other people didn’t frequently meet those who had run away from home. It gave you startling amounts of perspective, as well as general fear. Not for himself, he was always going to be safe, but just because the world was so messed up and hateful. He loved what his family did, but he was quite glad to get back to Sonora, where day to day life was a little less heavy.

The returning feast was less formal, and house tables weren’t a must, so he made his way over to sit with Jen. She was kinda quiet and he still didn’t feel he’d figured her out, but he’d enjoyed working with her on their Clabbert poster.

“Hey,” he smiled, when she greeted him. “Nice sweater,” he added. The colour was certainly eye-catching. Having mostly seen Jen in her school uniform, he didn’t know that it was super unusual as far as clothing choices went for her. He did notice how new it looked though, and figured a compliment was always welcome. Plus he genuinely thought purple was nice. “Christmas present?” he guessed. He was wearing a shirt and jeans, the former of which did happen to be new, but as most of his clothes were along very similar lines and usually incredibly neat, it probably wasn’t very noticeable. His blonde-brown hair had been given a fairly substantial trim over the holidays, so that it wasn’t in danger of getting in his eyes any more, and would hopefully continue in that state until someone could take a pair of scissors to it again.

He glanced around the table, and noticing dishes of rice and chilli began helping himself. His family, for all their liberal values, still had fairly conservative eating habits, something which was intensified by it being Christmas. He wasn’t sure he’d eaten a non-potato-based carbohydrate in the entire time he’d been at home, and - whilst it had all been very tasty - it was definitely time for a change.

“Guess we hit the Mexican section of the table,” he added, noticing Jen’s dinner of nachos.

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