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Um....I have some ideas.
Tue May 30, 2017 09:41

Owen, though already in a pretty good mood, perked up a bit more when Jemima mentioned mashed pumpkin with garlic. After Jemima and writing, garlic was one of the things in the world he loved best. Of course, because of it , Owen had to usually go to the bathroom after meals to down a potion that made his breath smell better so he wouldn't have garlic breath when he kissed his girlfriend.

And that was something he found himself wanting to do an awful lot. Among other things that were massively inappropriate at this point being that Jemima was a good girl from a good family and they weren't married, or even officially betrothed. Besides, he was a gentleman who tried to be respectful to women. However,the Teppenpaw was still a sixteen year old boy and sixteen year old boys thought about...certain things and thought about them quite often. Even though it made him feel like a creep.Owen had to be satisfied with kissing-which he seriously enjoyed-and fantasies. Fantasies that could potentially lead to seriously awkward moments.

He tried not to think about it right now, or he was going to have to "go to the bathroom" for a reason that had nothing to do with garlic breath. Instead, the sixth year had to focus on...something else. No easy task with Jemima right in front of him. "We have to have to have that. The pumpkin with garlic I mean. Or at least I do."

Garlic, try to think about garlic. . Something that stimulated his tastebuds as opposed to other things.

Owen looked up and down the table for olives. "Yes, but mostly appetizers,dips and salads. There's some bread here that looks like it has some black ones and I think there's some that are stuffed with something over there. Oh, and there's a dish of black olives that are probably meant for tacos, but we could always try them on other things."

  • Searching for new thingsJemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun May 28 07:47
    Jemima knew that she was very lucky. She had Owen, and he was her soulmate. Not every Pureblood girl even got to marry for love, let alone true, fairy story love. And she and Owen were in the same... more
    • Um....I have some ideas. — Owen, Tue May 30 09:41
      • Making things harderJemima, Thu Jun 1 01:44
        “Olive bread with olive dip,” she grinned, “In at the deep end.” She took the dishes Owen passed her, applying a cautious layer of the dip to the bread. “Oops,” she said, as she caught the edge of... more
        • Um, that's...really accurate.Owen, Fri Jun 2 10:21
          Oh. Dear. Merlin. As Jemima licked dip off of her finger, Owen felt...well, something that despite his abilities as a writer he was at a loss of words to describe. This wasn't something he ever ever... more
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