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Wed May 31, 2017 06:25

Scarlett was slightly surprised to hear Lauren Song mention her dad visiting her-and presumably her brother, as she had said "us"-over midterm. Okay, actually Scarlett was surprised to see Lauren over here in the first place since she wasn't in Pecari. True, at the Returning Feast it tended not to matter too much where people sat. Actually, quite frankly, the seventh year didn't think Headmaster Brockert would care or notice where anyone sat during the Opening Feast either. Still, she wondered if Lauren had mixed up her and Savannah when she'd sat down.

As for what the Teppenpaw had said about her dad, Scarlett wasn't all that used to hearing about people getting divorced. It wasn't all that common in pureblood society. Aunt Pearl and Uncle Jeffrey had gotten divorced, but that was an exception and had been treated as something of a scandal.

So, she didn't want to call attention to that and ask questions.Nor did she allow herself to look surprised as she didn't want to hurt Lauren's feelings or make her uncomfortable. After all, Scarlett didn't think Ryan would want to be asked about his parents' divorce. Of course, Ryan didn't really like to think about his mom-with good reason, nobody wanted to think about Aunt Pearl but especially Ryan- so that might have been the bigger issue there.

Instead, the Pecari said, "It still must have been nice to see him though even if you didn't go skiing. I mean, I enjoy seeing my family over the holidays. I'm glad you had fun with him. So what did you guys do instead?"

Scarlett went on to add. "And yes, it was quite nice. I got officially betrothed, so that was the biggest thing that happened." She figured that despite Lauren not being a pureblood, she probably had picked up by now that purebloods did that so she wasn't too worried about that sounding odd.

  • I know!Lauren Song, Sat May 27 12:49
    Though Lauren usually sat at the Teppenpaw table during the welcoming feasts, she decided to branch out a little. It wasn't like it really mattered at the Returning Feast, anyway, and she was hoping... more
    • Right? — Scarlett, Wed May 31 06:25
      • Woes of a teenage girlLauren, Wed May 31 11:22
        Lauren enjoyed talking about her family, though explaining her family situation got a little complicated. Not many people really asked, though, so she didn't really find herself in that situation... more
        • Not feeling too woeful myself.Scarlett, Thu Jun 8 13:08
          Scarlett listened as Lauren talked about her holidays and tried to hide her confusion.Not at the mention of Christmas as the Pecari knew that a lot of people had sold out to the more commonly... more
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