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Is it weird for you, too?
Wed May 31, 2017 10:00

Tarquin. Daniel was reasonably certain he didn't find that name familiar but he had not really been on a first name basis with any of the Sonora staff when he'd been a mere student. Tarquin was probably old enough to have been around back then, and he maybe looked vaguely familiar, but Daniel could not say with any degree on certainty that he'd ever known this guy. Even Daniel's name being familiar to him was no indication that they'd met personally before, especially if Tarquin watched television.

The only reason Daniel was even entertaining the possibly was because he asked when Daniel had been a student. "I graduated fourteen years ago," he answered. "Class of SA14. Head Boy. My sister was Holly Greer? She was class of SA12," he offered, in case that name was memorable, too. In Sonora circles it likely would have been, especially given her propensity to faint during History of Magic. He'd guess that probably came up in staff meetings. If Tarquin didn't know Holly, then it was far more likely he recognized Daniel's name from TV.

"What subject do you teach?" Daniel asked, curious. If he knew the man's subject area, maybe he could more easily place him if they had, in fact, met before. "Have you been here long?"

  • As am ITarquin Reynolds, Aged Librarian, Sun May 28 08:30
    Christmas had been a little different this year. It had been something of a milestone. He and Danny were no longer the parents to whom the little chicks returned - they were the aged and visiting... more
    • Is it weird for you, too? — Daniel, Wed May 31 10:00
      • It's fairly strangeTarquin, Thu Jun 1 03:51
        Holly. Maybe that rang a bell. But it was hard to tell from where. It wasnít a terribly unusual name, and there were all the various children that Henny and Charlie had known at primary school to... more
        • Glad to know I'm not aloneDaniel, Fri Jun 2 12:26
          Ah, librarian. Now that he said that, Daniel could maybe place the guy - he had checked out a good many books even just in his first year - but it had been a long time ago and a fairly... more
          • Glad to assistTarquin, Thu Jun 8 09:55
            Tarquin just tried to nod at the appropriate points in Danielís narrative. He was aware of television, and he thought that being an actor on it was considered a profession of some status in the... more
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