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Woes of a teenage girl
Wed May 31, 2017 11:22

Lauren enjoyed talking about her family, though explaining her family situation got a little complicated. Not many people really asked, though, so she didn't really find herself in that situation often.

"My brother Isaac was on his own trip to the mountains with his friends for a good chunk of the break, but my parents and I spent a lot of time at the beach. We went to this place called The Grove in Los Angeles for Christmas Eve where there were a bunch of Christmas decorations. I have a younger sister too, and she loved seeing all the Christmas lights.

"I like the holidays 'cause we get to spend time together as a family. We don't really get it that often." Lauren didn't think it was odd; since she'd grown up with her parents married, separated, and happy, it had never really bothered her. Her parents worked really hard to make their marriage work despite the distance, and somehow they were both independent enough to have lasted this long. She just knew that wasn't what she wanted when she had a spouse.

"Wow, congratulations on getting betrothed!" That was something Lauren had only heard of in history books about royalty and the great-grandparents on her mom's side of the family. She couldn't imagine how Scarlett might feel about it, so she decided to ask. "How do you feel? That must be exciting for you." She wanted to pepper her with questions, but knew they might sound stupid and uneducated so she held back. "What's he like?"

  • Right?Scarlett, Wed May 31 06:25
    Scarlett was slightly surprised to hear Lauren Song mention her dad visiting her-and presumably her brother, as she had said "us"-over midterm. Okay, actually Scarlett was surprised to see Lauren... more
    • Woes of a teenage girl — Lauren, Wed May 31 11:22
      • Not feeling too woeful myself.Scarlett, Thu Jun 8 13:08
        Scarlett listened as Lauren talked about her holidays and tried to hide her confusion.Not at the mention of Christmas as the Pecari knew that a lot of people had sold out to the more commonly... more
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