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A counter proposal
Wed May 31, 2017 12:27

Ben had a great midterm. He'd gone skiing with his aunt and uncle and that was always a good time. And Christmas was loads of fun with the new baby to make it interesting. Cole was six months old and creeping already, so he had to be watched constantly to make sure he wasn't gnawing on presents or pulling ornaments off the tree. And of course, Ben loved the presents that came with the holiday. He'd gotten a good haul of Red Sox clothing and sporting equipment.

Now at the Returning Feast, he was decked out in his new ball cap (the old one had been held together by spell-o-tape and chewing gum at the end, so even he'd been able to admit it was ready to be retired, though he has still felt a pang about leaving it home when he left for Sonora) and a red jersey with the number 13 on it.

He sat at the Pecari table, eager for the food to arrive. It had been a long trek from New England and he'd run out of snacks somewhere around Pennsylvania. He was famished.

"Hey," he greeted Kyte as his roommate sat nearby. Kyte had begun to concern Ben this year. He was beginning to suspect Kyte might be that proverbial 'bad crowd' his elementary school DARE program had been trying to warn him about. Ben had dutifully "Just Said No" as he'd been instructed by his muggle teachers and his mom (who was a doctor and had scared the bejesus out of him as she told him in unrelenting detail what drugs did to a person's brain and body) and declared he 'had to go practice Quidditch now' whenever it looked like the other Pecari was going to light up, but the whole situation made him kind of uneasy and nervous. He was badly torn between telling Professor Carter for Kyte's own well being and not tattling and getting his friend in trouble.

So far he'd kept mum, suspecting that Kyte would not forgive him if he told and worried that it might be an offense that could lead to expulsion. Getting Kyte expelled was the last thing he wanted. He wanted his friend to stay healthy, not get sent away permanently.

But it had led to him spending more time with Tess and less time with Kyte over the last few months, tipping the balance over to give Tess the current title of Ben's Best Friend, so the rift was already starting even without tattling, as the common interests grew between him and Tess and shrank between him and Kyte.

He didn't think Kyte held it against him. Not wanting to talk about the main problem, Ben had fallen easily into the joke that 'Tess is prettier than you' and he was half sure Kyte thought they were dating. Actually, Ben was half sure himself that he was dating Tess, but they hadn't clearly worked out that detail yet, so it wasn't official or anything.

He was, in fact, staring in a besotted fashion at Tess, seated conveniently within line of sight of Ben's position, when Kyte spoke up after the Headmaster's comments.

"Christmas was good," Ben answered easily, smiling. "Got a good haul. My baby cousin doubled in size, I think, and Four took me skiing! Yours?"

Kyte answered then asked for a favor. Ben tried not to let his expression look too dismayed. Doing their homework together was one of their remaining comfortable rituals.

"Well, what if I read the assignments out loud to you while you practice?" he suggested. Kyte would probably tune him out as he concentrated on his tricks, Ben had no illusions about that, but at least he'd feel less like he was condoning blatant cheating. "Then I can truthfully tell anyone who asks that we did study together."

OOC: Ben's suppositions on Kyte's beliefs regarding Ben's dating status are entirely of Ben's invention and do not necessarily reflect Kyte's actual opinions on the matter.

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