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Awesome. I love lemonade.
Wed May 31, 2017 13:25

"Worst part was that I couldn't go home for Christmas," Zevalyn complained when Georgia offered her sympathy for the scheduled madness she was going through with her lessons. "I can't practice at home and I couldn't lose two weeks of free study time." She grimaced and shrugged, letting it go. "Though after this long away, I'm starting to become afraid of how much smothering I'll be in for come summer."

Zevalyn nodded, mildly disappointed that Georgia wasn't a muggleborn either - surely such creatures were not so rare that she was the only one in this school, were they? It did help to know that Georgia had come into Sonora magic-blind, too, though, and she smiled in total understanding of the 'why would you invent that??' sentiment.

"I'm from Pheonix," she shared, "and the first thing I thought when I walked in here was 'What were you wizard folk on to think waterfalls were a good decor idea in the desert?'" She giggled at the absurdity of it.

Zevalyn nodded in confirmation that this was all totally new to her. "Yeah, there was," she admitted, flushing guiltily as she remembered their treatment of the initial muggleborn liaison officer. "We tossed out the letter as a hoax and tried to have the guy who came to talk to us arrested. We thought he was some escaped mental patient who was stalking me. I had a police detail guarding my street until he finally stopped showing up. After that, another one moved in across the street and kept an eye on me and her daughter - who was a squib - tried to break down my resistance to the idea that magic was possible as a more long term project. See, my parents are scientists. We're very practical and logical people. Magic doesn't compute."

Zevalyn shrugged, "Eventually though we realized we were ignoring data just because it didn't make sense to our world view and I was actually using it untrained. However, this only happened when no other possible explanation made sense. I mean, I'd done Apparition. You just can't explain that without magic. We finally listened to the crazy people and learned what I was doing was very dangerous and getting more dangerous the older I got, and I really needed to learn to use magic properly. So here I am."

  • ProbablyGeorgia, Sat May 27 20:36
    “Oh. Wow,” Georgia blinked, in response to the fact that Zevalyn’s name was made up. That was weird. She was pretty sure she’d never met anyone with a made up name before. Between that and being a... more
    • Awesome. I love lemonade. — Zevalyn, Wed May 31 13:25
      • Maybe we should get cookies too?Georgia, Thu Jun 1 04:15
        “What? That’s so awful!” Georgia sympathised, when Zevalyn reported that she hadn’t been able to go home for Christmas. She had thought her Christmases kind of sucked, being shuttled between and... more
        • Zevalyn goggled a little bit as Georgia told her about what Quidditch was. She'd heard of it, of course, Aladren had been pretty desperate in its recruiting this year, but she'd been too busy with... more
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