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Joe Umland
Continuing to ask questions.
Wed May 31, 2017 16:03

Jozua’s mother was from the Netherlands*? Well, that was not something he thought one heard every day. Joe knew this was probably not interesting if one was used to it, but he still considered this more interesting than being from Canada, or even being a Canadian whose grandmother was American. The distances involved were considerably smaller in his family, after all. Marrying across a border was a lot more common, he thought, than marrying across an ocean.

“I’ll keep that in mind when I pick a place to settle down,” he said. He was not sure if settling in the States was something he would want to do even if it proved possible, but all things were possible, he supposed. A magical town where no-one knew his family did have a certain amount of appeal, at least as an idea, right now, at this point in his life when his family was…really something that was causing him more headaches than happiness. He loved them, of course, would never want to just cut them off and become an American hermit altogether, but…right now, he was kind of glad to have some distance, honestly, even as he was angry with his brother for having a greater degree of the same thing.

Joe had thought he was fairly clear about why the neighbors were sometimes inconvenient to have as well, so he had to stop for a moment to think how to explain it further without saying something which either implied his teammate was stupid or that Joe himself was politically incorrect. Before he had to explain himself further, though, Jozua caught on.

“Yeah, that was our problem. Mrs. Baraheni…might have been kind of freaked out if she’d seen a potions book. Muggles…I mean, it’s not totally different, they have these laboratories that blend things together for them to use for medicines or cleaning product or whatever, then you can buy them in the shops, plus you have some of them who want to use herbs for everything, so that’s even closer to what we do, but…I don’t think they’d see if that way if they just saw one of our books,” concluded Joe. “At least not fast enough to not start yelling a lot and attracting even more attention from the neighbors on the other side and all.”

Joe knew it was rude of him, but he couldn’t help but stare a little as Jozua began listing all the disasters his family was apparently responsible for in the history of Aladren, Oregon. “I am not surprised,” he said when Jozua added that ‘Sparks’ was an earned surname. “What is a laughing fire?” Blue fire he could guess at, dancing fire just sounded like one that moved aggressively (or only attacked dancers, he guessed), but what was a laughing fire? The bit of Joe which felt at home with Aladren the House needed to know what this thing which had apparently been unleashed on Aladren the town had been.

  • Continuing to overshareJozua Sparks, Wed May 31 14:27
    Jozua twisted his expression into uncertainty and wiggled his hand out in front of him. "We've got immigrants," he admitted. "I know of one from the Netherlands in the form of my mother, but," he... more
    • Continuing to ask questions. — Joe Umland, Wed May 31 16:03
      • Continuing to answerJozua, Thu Jun 1 10:07
        Jozua nodded in understanding as Joe explained the dangers of hysterical people who didn't slow down to think about things before jumping to wrong conclusions. He might not know any muggle mothers... more
        • Contemplating the future.Joe, Thu Jun 1 18:04
          “I see your dad’s point,” said Joe, amused, as Jozua continued into his family’s insurance woes. “I’d be mad if my bills went up because John set something on fire.” Not quite the same thing, of... more
          • Uh-oh, Cleo and Amelia are catching upJozua, Fri Jun 2 08:37
            Jozua laughed, "Well if you're learning your trade from him and he just set the whole town on fire because the spell he was inventing did exactly what it was supposed to do, they might be justified... more
            • Can't allow that to happen.Joe, Fri Jun 2 14:10
              Joe was not as touchy about money and politics as some of his siblings were, but he still wasn’t quite sure what he thought of Jozua’s blunt statement that his mother was rich and that high insurance ... more
              • I think we wonJozua, Fri Jun 9 13:00
                Joe had already been moving up out of the 'acquaintance' circle and into solid 'friend' territory, but learning he had also been disappointed to learn Great Explorer and Knight were no longer viable... more
                • Looks like it. Go us!Joe, Mon Jun 12 10:43
                  Joe was not sure he’d ever had anyone ever announce they were friends before, but he could see the advantages of the approach. He nodded. “Very good,” he said. “We failed knights of the world have to ... more
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