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Making things harder
Thu Jun 1, 2017 01:44

“Olive bread with olive dip,” she grinned, “In at the deep end.”

She took the dishes Owen passed her, applying a cautious layer of the dip to the bread.

“Oops,” she said, as she caught the edge of her finger, coating that in dip as well. She licked it off her finger, giving Owen a slight grin as she did so. A Teen Witch article that she’d read over the holidays had included a number of tips on how to flirt, and apparently eating in general could be used to great effect, especially licking things off one’s fingers, although she wasn’t really sure why that was meant to be sexy. Even though she didn’t exactly think she needed to draw Owen in, she wasn’t opposed to putting these tips into practise when the opportunity presented itself. She knew that Owen loved her but, whilst it was the most important feeling, it was different than him, or anyone else, finding her sexy or desirable. Not being in possession of a male teenage brain, she had a limited insight into just what effect her behaviour might have on Owen, or anyone else - to her it was just a bit of fun, to flirt, to be wanted, a trait that could be added to anyone’s catalogue of things they liked about her.

“Mm, it’s good,” she grinned.

  • Um....I have some ideas.Owen, Tue May 30 09:41
    Owen, though already in a pretty good mood, perked up a bit more when Jemima mentioned mashed pumpkin with garlic. After Jemima and writing, garlic was one of the things in the world he loved best.... more
    • Making things harder — Jemima, Thu Jun 1 01:44
      • Um, that's...really accurate.Owen, Fri Jun 2 10:21
        Oh. Dear. Merlin. As Jemima licked dip off of her finger, Owen felt...well, something that despite his abilities as a writer he was at a loss of words to describe. This wasn't something he ever ever... more
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