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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Spoken like a true Pecari
Thu Jun 1, 2017 02:39

They had lost the first match of the season. It sucked, especially for Lily, who had to have felt it as Seeker. Ingrid had seen her crying after the match and done her best to comfort her. She didn’t blame her at all, she was still glad to have her - way more so than Jamie, even if he could have guaranteed every match - and had been sure to let the other girl know this.

At the returning feast, she noticed Lily, and went to sit with her. Ingrid remembered how she had looked up to the older players on the team like Liliana and Joella, and how cool it had been when they’d started to be more like friends. She knew Lily had a bunch of friends in her own year, but Ingrid sort of hoped she was that cool older student for Lily. It was nice to think that someone might think of her the way she’d thought of her older team-mates.

“Um, a burrito?” she guessed, when Lily asked her about her food, “Or an enchilada, maybe. There are a lot of wrap things in Mexican food. I’m not sure what the differences are,” she admitted.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good for that,” Ingrid nodded, at Lily’s assertion that it was hard not to try something new. That said, Ingrid had often found that ‘new’ meant spicy… Mexican food was often spicy. Indian food was definitely spicy. Thai and other Asian food too. Even though Ingrid was the Pecari of the family, it was Jemima that had the adventurous taste buds. Ingrid prefered her food not to attempt to assault her, which was why she’d already opted for a salmon fillet accompanied by Greek salad. “I figure this is the closest I’ll get to actual Greece for a while,” she added, in an attempt to make her food choice seem slightly more exotic than it really was, “Man, I wish I was old enough to go travel. That’d be the best.”

OOC - I hope the reference to their interaction in the changing room is ok. As you'd said that was where Lily had done her crying, I figured it would be something other team members might have witnessed, but if not just let me know and we can say it didn't happen.

  • Trying something new.Lily Spencer, Fri May 26 08:30
    After losing last term's Quidditch match, Lily had cried like a baby. She couldn't help it, but at least she'd been able to wait until the locker room to let her tears flow. She'd been miserable the... more
    • Spoken like a true Pecari — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Thu Jun 1 02:39
      • Bold and proud.Lily, Fri Jun 2 12:11
        Lily was happy Ingrid was sitting with her. After the devastating Quidditch match, the older witch had done her best to comfort her. Lily hadn't been consoled at the time, but now she appreciated it... more
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