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It's fairly strange
Thu Jun 1, 2017 03:51

Holly. Maybe that rang a bell. But it was hard to tell from where. It wasn’t a terribly unusual name, and there were all the various children that Henny and Charlie had known at primary school to compete for the very limited space his brain reserved for remembering people who held no particular relevance to him. Tarquin certainly hadn’t been around at the time Daniel had graduated, but - if he was correct in his ability to subtract seven from a given year - he presumably had been here when Daniel and his sister had been students. Holly. Maybe. A vague association of histrionics came to mind.

“The numbers line up,” he nodded, “I think I would have been here during your first year, at any rate. But then my husband and I adopted, and I decided that this wasn’t the most compatible job with being able to ever see my children,” he explained. Although, since returning, Tarquin had felt much more able to be open about disclosing his sexuality in front of his fellow staff members, it felt slightly strange to drop Danny into conversation with Daniel, in that - for all he didn’t actually remember him properly - it did still slightly feel like discussing his personal life with a student.

“I’m the librarian,” he replied, when Daniel asked him what he taught. “Though I think my successors made more of an effort to engage the student body. I mostly hid in my office, hoping you wouldn’t want too many things,” he explained, a hint of a smile visible beneath his salt-and-pepper beard. “I’m slightly better about it now,” he added. “And no, not long - like I say, I left when the kids were small. I just came back at the start of this school year, actually. They needed emergency cover.

“So,” he said, feeling like he’d talked quite enough about himself - something that he was rarely in the habit of doing but which new people and small talk seemed to make necessary - here is my potted life history in five minutes, “How about you? What have you been doing since Sonora, and what brings you back?”

  • Is it weird for you, too?Daniel, Wed May 31 10:00
    Tarquin. Daniel was reasonably certain he didn't find that name familiar but he had not really been on a first name basis with any of the Sonora staff when he'd been a mere student. Tarquin was... more
    • It's fairly strange — Tarquin, Thu Jun 1 03:51
      • Glad to know I'm not aloneDaniel, Fri Jun 2 12:26
        Ah, librarian. Now that he said that, Daniel could maybe place the guy - he had checked out a good many books even just in his first year - but it had been a long time ago and a fairly... more
        • Glad to assistTarquin, Thu Jun 8 09:55
          Tarquin just tried to nod at the appropriate points in Daniel’s narrative. He was aware of television, and he thought that being an actor on it was considered a profession of some status in the... more
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