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Thu Jun 1, 2017 06:32

“New hat, new shirt?” Kyte guessed, as Ben mentioned a good haul of presents, “Very nice,” he complimented. He still neither fully understood the rules of baseball, nor why these people mattered so very much to Ben, but he had always dutifully noticed the relevant and important things, such as additions to Ben’s collection of merchandise (so long as it was glaringly obvious, like now, as quite a lot of it looked more or less the same to him) and knew to look happy when the team had won and sad when they had lost.

“Christmas was pretty good, apart from the whole ‘you aren’t where you should be,’ thing. That was kind of a downer. We got a good solid block of instruction and practice in though,” Kyte probably worked harder over Christmas than he did when he was at school, but it was doing what he loved, and so he didn’t feel hard done by. He missed good quality practice when he was at school. Then it felt like work - fitting it into his schedule, working through it with only help from Raine, who didn’t know any better than him. At home, it was just a way of life. “And, y’know, presents, food, stuff like that. My mom got me Jellyhands Jenga. Maybe we can play later,” he grinned. The game induced a slight shake in the players’ hands for every block successfully removed. Playing stupid games seemed like a nice area of common ground for Pecaris, one he hoped Ben wasn’t about to outgrow. He knew that Ben didn’t want to join him in his new found recreations but didn’t really get that it had pushed him out. He and Ben had always had different interests, and it had never stopped them being friends before. Plus smoking was so normal in his life - even his parents did it from time to time - that he couldn’t imagine it being something that would freak someone out, rather than just something they didn’t happen to have in common. He’d noticed that Ben wasn’t spending so much time with him this term, although he had taken at face value the assertion that it was because he was either making out with Tess or wanted to. He was happy for him, and only a little jealous, but it made sense. Ben had that wholesome American boy thing going on, that seemed to gel with what the population of Sonora liked. Kyte didn’t think he himself was massively unattractive but he suspected his appeal was higher amongst the kind of girls who had tattoos and facial piercings (or would, when they were old enough to be allowed) and who hung out at festivals. He was broadly fine with this being his demographic, it was just a shame there weren’t more of them at Sonora. In spite of these differences, and because Kyte was generally a loyal person, he still would have called Ben his best friend, and would have been hurt and surprised to know that the feeling was no longer mutual.

“You’d be happy doing that?” he asked. “I mean… I’ll be practising. It’s not the most sociable thing. Like… I can’t promise I’d exactly be giving your lectures much attention,” he admitted. He was pretty sure that Ben already knew this, given that he’d had plenty of chances to see what Kyte’s attention and retention rates were when he really was trying his hardest. Ben also knew what he could be like when he was focussed on a trick. The times Ben had come with him made it a lot less like proper training, as he goofed off and tried to help Ben learn a few tricks of his own, but even then he thought there were moments where he got into the zone and Ben got left hanging a bit - not confident to do too much by himself, but no longer in receipt of Kyte’s attention as he focussed on his own trick. It seemed like the arrangement was to soothe Ben’s conscious as much as anything else, something that made Kyte feel a little bad for putting it in need of soothing in the first place, but he wanted to check he wasn’t drawing Ben in on the false pretence that this would be really any kind of quality time. “And I will pay you back,” he reiterated.

OOC - Kyte's pretty good at taking things at face value, sometimes to his detriment.

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