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Fair point.
Thu Jun 1, 2017 17:44

“South Carolina,” confirmed Amelia. “Right on the coast. The East coast. My brain isn’t going to accept anything the clocks around here say for the next three days I bet. I hope John doesn’t feel like practicing before then, because I will not be up to dodging Bludgers.”

Amelia had noticed that she didn’t seem to get hit as often as she had last year, but she wasn’t sure if that was because her skills had increased or because John’s had…taken a leave of absence, at least. He didn’t seem quite as keen as last year, though that was probably to be expected – enough to have what she had gathered was a pretty extreme courseload, as he sometimes scheduled parts of the team for practice at different times because he couldn’t make the full team’s time work for his schedule, but then he’d unexpectedly become Head Boy as well. Amelia didn’t know exactly what she thought of this option, though. She liked getting hit less, but she wanted to become a better Seeker. A distracted captain who wasn’t at his best could not help her with that.

“My grandparents work for the transportation department,” said Amelia when asked about what her family did. “Granddad’s in something about Apparition regulations, and Grandmother’s in something about Portkeys. My uncle Geoff doesn’t live with us, but he’s in Potions and he gave my brother a job after Lionel left here last summer. Oh, and Mama’s an artist,” she added as an afterthought, remembering her mother at the last moment. Mama was really more often a waitress than anything, but art was what she actually liked doing. “So we do all sorts of things. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Do you think you’ll run your store one day? Uncle Geoff says I can have his potions stuff when he dies because I got into Aladren, but I don’t know if I want it and plus I think he was joking.”

  • “So, I guess you’re from somewhere with hot summers, reasonably far from here,” Cleo sleuthed, as Amelia mentioned both unbearable summer temperatures and a substantial time difference. She herself... more
    • Fair point. — Amelia, Thu Jun 1 17:44
      • “Oh, that is far!” Cleo sympathised, when Amelia described where she was from. “I promise not to take offence if you start yawning. You must be exhausted.” Amelia’s family sounded interesting, and... more
        • Sprung from cages out on highway nine.Amelia, Thu Jun 1 21:25
          Amelia grinned gratefully at the promise of forgiveness if she started yawning at the table. “Thanks,” she said. “I took a nap before the Feast, so I might be okay, but…yeah, thanks,” she laughed.... more
          • So, you wanna be Bruce or Wendy?Cleo, Fri Jun 2 03:06
            It seemed like Amelia had a fairly extensive family, and there were plenty of potential apprentices to take up her Uncle Geoff’s profession if she declined. Cleo often wondered what it was like to be ... more
            • Amelia smiled happily as Cleo said she, though a Crotalus, was also aware of the enormity of the number of things one could do in life. She didn’t really wish the feeling of the world being... more
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