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In the days we sweat it out on the streets
Thu Jun 1, 2017 20:38

“Oh, that is far!” Cleo sympathised, when Amelia described where she was from. “I promise not to take offence if you start yawning. You must be exhausted.”

Amelia’s family sounded interesting, and very wizardy in what they did. Her own dad was a Muggleborn and had done his best to keep in touch with his roots. He used magic to help clean up the shop and night, and to make it extra secure, but he didn’t have a magical job. It was interesting to think about all the different things one could do with their life… She also noticed that Amelia had mentioned everyone except a father, and that there seemed to be an Uncle Geoff in his place. Whilst hoping nothing horrible had happened to Amelia’s actual father, it was sort of nice to meet someone else here who didn’t come from a perfect, nuclear family. No one had said anything snide to her about her lack of a mother so far, and she was perfectly used to being an odd one out - coming from a small town, there weren’t very many single parent families - but it was nice not to have to feel it sometimes.

“Maybe,” she answered, when Amelia asked if she’d run the shop when she grew up, “I mean, I see myself doing that when I think about the future, but maybe because that’s the only thing I’ve ever known, not cos I’ve really thought about what I want to do. But there’s only me and daddy, so if I didn’t, it would probably have to be sold, and that’s kind of sad to think about. Are you going to take up a career in Potions?”

  • Fair point.Amelia, Thu Jun 1 17:44
    “South Carolina,” confirmed Amelia. “Right on the coast. The East coast. My brain isn’t going to accept anything the clocks around here say for the next three days I bet. I hope John doesn’t feel... more
    • In the days we sweat it out on the streets — Cleo, Thu Jun 1 20:38
      • Sprung from cages out on highway nine.Amelia, Thu Jun 1 21:25
        Amelia grinned gratefully at the promise of forgiveness if she started yawning at the table. “Thanks,” she said. “I took a nap before the Feast, so I might be okay, but…yeah, thanks,” she laughed.... more
        • So, you wanna be Bruce or Wendy?Cleo, Fri Jun 2 03:06
          It seemed like Amelia had a fairly extensive family, and there were plenty of potential apprentices to take up her Uncle Geoff’s profession if she declined. Cleo often wondered what it was like to be ... more
          • Amelia smiled happily as Cleo said she, though a Crotalus, was also aware of the enormity of the number of things one could do in life. She didn’t really wish the feeling of the world being... more
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