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I think we've reached a deal
Fri Jun 2, 2017 09:37

"Yep," Ben agreed, grinning and adjusting his ballcap as it got mentioned, "still getting used to this one," he admitted. It would get softer and more comfortable with use, though, and the fact that it was not in immediate danger of disintegration more than made up for its unfamiliar newness. "The jenga sounds cool."

Kyte then reiterated what Ben already knew - that reading the chapter aloud would, by no means, mean that Kyte was actually listening to it. "I'm cool with that," he confirmed. "But my mom's a doctor and my uncle is a teacher, so I feel like at least one of them would yell at me if I just let you copy my homework without at least making an effort to help you learn the stuff. And Hamlet would frown so bad..." he added with a shudder.

"Did I ever tell you about Hamlet?" he asked suddenly, unsure if he had or not. Ben wasn't close to him like the Derries had been, so he usually forgot about the guy unless ghosts were the specific topic of conversation. "He mostly lives up in New Hampshire with that branch," he frowned slightly, eyes drifting toward the Crotalus table where Winston sat, then shook his head and laughed, "well, as much as a ghost lives anywhere, that is. But he's fond of Dad and Four, so he comes to visit sometimes. As he's dead, he's not bound by the rules forbidding contact to disowned people, I guess. And I think his haunt is attached to the bloodline, so he's not stuck to the mountain or anything like that. Anyway, he was a super strict tutor and he'd make such a face if he heard of anyone in his family cheating..."

  • NegotiationsKyte, Thu Jun 1 06:32
    “New hat, new shirt?” Kyte guessed, as Ben mentioned a good haul of presents, “Very nice,” he complimented. He still neither fully understood the rules of baseball, nor why these people mattered so... more
    • I think we've reached a deal — Ben, Fri Jun 2 09:37
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