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Um, that's...really accurate.
Fri Jun 2, 2017 10:21




As Jemima licked dip off of her finger, Owen felt...well, something that despite his abilities as a writer he was at a loss of words to describe. This wasn't something he ever ever wrote about. Especially given that his stories seemed to be aimed at children and this was so very very much not appropriate for young kids. He didn't even feel comfortable with it entirely and he was sixteen!

But it was happening, oh it was happening. Owen's mind raced as it happened. He wanted to take Jemima somewhere private and he wanted to go hide somewhere until it stopped. Except he couldn't do either of those things, as the former was not appropriate and the latter would require him getting up. Actually they both required getting up and he didn't dare move and lest anyone notice. That would be totally mortifying. Especially if Jemima saw. She'd probably think he was a total cretin and he couldn't have that happen.

Owen took a deep breath and tried to calm down but it was just so hard . "So, I take it the dip is, um, very good then." He grabbed some bread out of nearby bread basket and dipped it in. "Oooh, that is delicious." The sixth year stated, trying desperately to take his mind off of other sensations that he was constantly feeling by concentrating on this one instead.

  • Making things harderJemima, Thu Jun 1 01:44
    “Olive bread with olive dip,” she grinned, “In at the deep end.” She took the dishes Owen passed her, applying a cautious layer of the dip to the bread. “Oops,” she said, as she caught the edge of... more
    • Um, that's...really accurate. — Owen, Fri Jun 2 10:21
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