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Bold and proud.
Fri Jun 2, 2017 12:11

Lily was happy Ingrid was sitting with her. After the devastating Quidditch match, the older witch had done her best to comfort her. Lily hadn't been consoled at the time, but now she appreciated it very much. Outside of the pitch, she loved chatting with her older team-mates and house-mates, but didn't know if they were always keen on getting to know a younger student when they didn't share any classes together.

Lily appraised her meal. "Burrito or enchilada. I've never had Mexican food before so it all sounds the same to me." She bit into it and tasted beef, black beans, and cheese among other vegetables. There was a bit of a spicy kick as well, but wasn't too difficult to handle. Though Lily enjoyed spicy food, she had a very low tolerance for it.

"It's good," she told Ingrid, pleased. "I'll have to remember the name and look it up later."

Lily nodded in agreement. "Does your family not travel very often? My family travels here and there on holiday sometimes, but I've never been to Greece. I think the farthest I've gone with my them is the south of France where my mum's family's got a summer residence. I took my first trip on my own to Oregon this summer, actually, to visit Jozua and attend a Duelling Tournament for New Year's. It was loads of fun, being on my own like that for the first time. Where would you go if you could?" she asked before taking another large bite out of her meal.

  • Spoken like a true PecariIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Thu Jun 1 02:39
    They had lost the first match of the season. It sucked, especially for Lily, who had to have felt it as Seeker. Ingrid had seen her crying after the match and done her best to comfort her. She didnít ... more
    • Bold and proud. — Lily, Fri Jun 2 12:11
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