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Glad to know I'm not alone
Fri Jun 2, 2017 12:26

Ah, librarian. Now that he said that, Daniel could maybe place the guy - he had checked out a good many books even just in his first year - but it had been a long time ago and a fairly inconsequential encounter, so he was sure he would have never come up with it on his own. So a tenuous past connection, but still basically strangers. That was perhaps for the best.

The more interesting part was his casual mention of his husband. Daniel's eyes widened slightly and he immediately upgraded Tarquin from 'basically strangers' to 'acquaintance with common ground.' Not because Daniel had a husband - he was still blessedly single - but because his dad did. Well, his dad had Barry, which was basically the same thing, but without a ring or a certificate or a public acknowledgement that he was gay.

Due to that last bit, Daniel did not share this common ground with Tarquin. He didn't think the guy would spread more rumors that Dan Nash was shacking up with his favorite screen writer, but you never knew who was eavesdropping.

Instead he just answered the question, though with more details and friendliness than if they'd still just been basically strangers. "I went to school for accounting then went to work as an accountant. My parents are both Hollywood actors - Mom's in movies and Dad started there then switched to television- so the stability was appealing at first, but then it got boring. So I went back to school for a teaching certificate. I hope to eventually get a college professorship so I can do some research, ideally in mind magics, to treat psychological disorders, but this is my foot in the door until that happens. I've got the psychology coursework, and did my thesis on the long term psychological affects of Cheering Charms, so I could go into straight up research right now if I wanted, but I still need some classroom teaching experience if I want to do it at a college and be a professor. So here I am, teaching advanced Charms and DADA, which are both tangentially related to my field of interest. I'll probably do some private research in the meantime time, just to shore up that part of my resume."

"So how many kids do you have? My sister adopted two of hers, sweet girls, but terrible to tutor. I assume yours are grown now then, if they were little way back when I was starting Sonora?"

  • It's fairly strangeTarquin, Thu Jun 1 03:51
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    • Glad to know I'm not alone — Daniel, Fri Jun 2 12:26
      • Glad to assistTarquin, Thu Jun 8 09:55
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