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Jen White
Tue Jun 6, 2017 05:07

Teppenpaw Kir was probably one of those habitually nice people. Jen was in awe of anyone who seemed always to be in a good mood - she lived a sheltered, well-provided-for sort of life and even she knew the world wasn’t actually that great a place; it took some serious glass-half-full positivity to be happy all the time - while simultaneously privately thinking them a little ridiculous. She wasn’t exactly the poster child for demonstrating a wide range of emotions, but she preferred basic apathy to unnatural cheer. That aside, she didn’t have any objections to being in Kir’s company. That was the thing with those habitually nice people - they were, well, nice.

His first comment was about her sweater. Jen celebrated her decision to wear it, then instantly berated herself for giving a crap what someone else thought of what she was wearing. That was so cliched and unnecessary she almost lost her appetite. “Yeah, from my Grandparents,” she latched onto his question with fervour, happy to move along from her vanity. “We always spend Christmas there.” Jen and her mother were both only children, so it just made sense they would always see her Nana and Pops for the holidays.

Her answer finished there. She was content for Kir to talk about his holidays if he wanted to, but she didn’t need to share anything further about hers. Unless he asked. Which he might, because he was one of those habitually nice people, probably. It wasn’t like she was necessarily adverse to sharing details about her life, but she assumed most people just wouldn’t care- her own interest in other students’ holidays was limited. She wouldn’t mind hearing about them, but she wasn’t curious enough to go around asking everyone just to make conversation. The first year had never been particularly loquacious, and she had a meal to consume. It tasted pretty good, too.

Kir took some chili, and commented on their similarly-rooted dish selections. “I love Mexican food,” Jen admitted, with something dangerously close to enthusiasm. “Or American Mexican food anyway. I’ve heard it’s different actually in Mexico but I’ve never been.” She’d never left the country in which she’d been born and raised, but had traveled a fair amount within its borders.

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    • Cool — Jen White, Tue Jun 6 05:07
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