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Glad to assist
Thu Jun 8, 2017 09:55

Tarquin just tried to nod at the appropriate points in Daniel’s narrative. He was aware of television, and he thought that being an actor on it was considered a profession of some status in the Muggle world, but he didn’t know a great deal about it - Daniel’s implications suggested it was, perhaps, not as good a profession as he’d supposed, seeing as he had gone into accountancy. However, Tarquin didn’t feel like going down a tangent of having Daniel explain the relative social statuses of specific Muggle jobs to him - he expected it would be tedious for both of them, and he got the sense that such conversations, even if well-intentioned, served to make Muggleborns (as he now supposed Daniel to be) feel somewhat out of place - something he did not wish to do.

“Very interesting,” he commented on Daniel’s field of study, a much more promising area of conversation. “Interesting subject, both the actual mechanics of it all but the ethics too. What did your dissertation uncover?” he asked.

“Two, a boy and a girl - Charlie and Henny. Well, Charles and Henrietta to give them their full names, except we never do. ” he answered, when Daniel asked about his children, “And yes, rather grown up now. Both absolutely wonderful of course,” he added, a slight ironic nod to the fact that he was about to fulfill the parental cliche and treat Daniel to a very in depth answer. Whilst moments ago he had seemed polite but reserved, his face was now happy and animated, lit up by the invitation to discuss them - an effect that was only known to be produced by two other sentences, namely ‘So, let’s talk about 1800s poetry’ and ‘Would you like some tea?’ “Henny was an Aladren too, she’s studying for her PhD now - shared tropes of Muggle and Wizard literature in the 19th century,” he added, very proudly. “Charlie’s a former Teppenpaw, and is studying fashion design - his teachers seem very pleased with him” he explained. He didn’t speak with Charlie with any less pride, but perhaps with a slight sense of mystery, and the suggestion that he was having to take his teachers’ word for it.

“Your nieces are a bit younger, I assume?” he returned, offering the floor to Daniel.

  • Glad to know I'm not aloneDaniel, Fri Jun 2 12:26
    Ah, librarian. Now that he said that, Daniel could maybe place the guy - he had checked out a good many books even just in his first year - but it had been a long time ago and a fairly... more
    • Glad to assist — Tarquin, Thu Jun 8 09:55
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