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Not feeling too woeful myself.
Thu Jun 8, 2017 13:08

Scarlett listened as Lauren talked about her holidays and tried to hide her confusion.Not at the mention of Christmas as the Pecari knew that a lot of people had sold out to the more commonly celebrated Muggle holiday and the younger girl wasn't a pureblood anyway. The Brockerts celebrated Yule but it seemed to all basically be the same thing for the most part.

No, it was that Lauren's parents still apparently got along even though they weren't married. That was nice. They put aside their differences for their children. Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Pearl never spoke. Not that she blamed Uncle Jeffrey who she supposed wasn't actually her uncle anymore. "That sounds like a good time." Scarlett replied. "It's too bad your brother ditched the whole thing for his friends. I mean, we don't see our families much unless they're here too and it sounds like seeing your dad happens even less than normal for those away at boarding school."

The Pecari couldn't imagine not having family time during midterm, as a first cousin group they were super close-well, except Carrie, whom they didn't see and tried to forget about. Though of course, they didn't spend the entire break together with having to see the other sides of families and then there were all the balls and parties. She didn't understand how Lauren's brother could give that up. Wasn't Lauren's father hurt by that after all the effort he put in to see them?

"So how old is your sister? Is she going to be coming to Sonora?" Scarlett still had some younger cousins who had yet to attend and maybe one of them would be in the same class as Lauren's sister.

The subject changed to Scarlett's betrothal and she beamed. "Thank you!" She exclaimed. "Yes, I sure am! He's pretty cool. His name is Marco Bianchi and he's really good looking." Especially where it counted. "He's from New York City and he's a bit older than me. Enough to be exciting and have experiences without being like, old enough for it to be gross."

  • Woes of a teenage girlLauren, Wed May 31 11:22
    Lauren enjoyed talking about her family, though explaining her family situation got a little complicated. Not many people really asked, though, so she didn't really find herself in that situation... more
    • Not feeling too woeful myself. — Scarlett, Thu Jun 8 13:08
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