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Tomorrow's another day.
Fri Jun 9, 2017 09:57

If Aislinn didn’t have amazing self control, she probably would have been sitting with her mouth hanging open in shock for the fact that John had stated to some form that he had missed her. She hadn’t been expecting him to say that at all. Her brain was racing in an attempt to come to some conclusion as to what was he had exactly meant when he said that, which just wouldn’t work since he was awaiting a response. “Home was…complicated,” she stated tentatively. Her fingers twirled together while she collected her thoughts.

“Sutton is worrying me,” Aislinn confided to John. “She’s not acting like herself. And now Gia is gone. I was hoping that being around her would help Sutton.” She frowned as she glanced back over to the Pecari table. Her blue eyes flicked back to John. “I’m glad that you didn’t leave. I mean that you weren’t one of the ones to leave. I missed you too.” She looked down to her hands before abruptly putting them to her sides and turning back to him. She was rambling. She only did that when she was nervous and revealing anything about how she felt was always a challenge. It was easier to stay within intellectual dialogues.

“Uh, but, yes, midterm was good otherwise. I received some rare ingredients for my Potions kit from my dad and my mom got me a few books I wanted. Plus, it was nice being able to spend some time with them.” She had missed her parents, even if she had only gotten to see her father for a few hours. Being a mediwizard, her father was often called away to the hospital. The holidays were an even busier time of the year since people tended to do things they ought not to do. One day, Aislinn hoped to be working along side her father.

“You’ll be graduating soon,”. Aislinn said with a note of sadness in her voice. His mention of having a lot of work led her down this thought track. John only had a semester left, this semester, and then he would be gone. Trying to act a little more enthusiastically towards the idea, she added, “Do you have any prospects lined up yet?” She couldn’t imagine John not having a clear plan, but one never knew. She used to think that she knew Sutton, her own twin, but now, she felt like she didn’t have a clue.

  • Yeah, pretty much.John, Wed May 24 18:09
    The person observing his distraction was Aislinn. John did not know if this was better or worse than someone else doing it. On one hand, she seemed not to mind his strangeness in general, but on the... more
    • Tomorrow's another day. — Aislinn, Fri Jun 9 09:57
      • Here's hoping it isn't worse than today.John, Sun Jun 11 11:23
        Complicated. That was a loaded word if John had ever heard one. The sensible thing, he knew, to do whenever someone mentioned that things were complicated was to run screaming in the opposite... more
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